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TUESDAY TUNES: Songs for Comfort


Tuesday TunesWhile traveling last week, I started building a playlist for a friend of mine who lost her husband over the Holidays. As I started building the playlist, I decided to ask my facebook friends for suggestions. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s eagerness to participate and help me build this very special playlist.
I took all those suggestions and built a playlist of all the suggested music that was special to my friends. I loved everyone’s suggestions so much I decided I would collect songs this month and share them as a gift back to all of you and my friends this Christmas.
Music is such a gift and has such power to minister to broken heart, uplift the downtrodden and inspire people to do the impossible. It pumps us up, it comforts, it heals, it speaks to us in a way regular words sometimes fall short.

This week I am looking for high-energy positive music. All songs should be clean, positive and uplifting music. It can be all genres – pop, christian, rock, gospel, etc.

CLICK HERE to contribute and give me your favorites on facebook.
COMMENT BELOW to suggest playlist topics!


Here is the original post to add more songs or to view the list: https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.pfiester/posts/10159054997573117 

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