Do You Have Some COVID Fat to Burn Off?

damage controlI’m in the gym business. I would love to be able to say that exercise is the answer to your weight problems but it rarely is.

In fact, I think many people workout too hard. Sure, there are people who don’t get any exercise at all but many gym goers spend way too much time at the gym and not enough time in the grocery store shopping for healthy foods and in the kitchen food prepping.

I actually have seen many people get better results focusing more on their nutrition and less on their workouts. They still workout, but the are not enslaved to it.

If you really want to know the truth, even when I am training for a competition, I see people working out way harder than me. I often have people ask me about training, workouts and maybe even what I am taking. But, rarely does anyone ask what I am eating. Why? Because that is the last thing people want to change. They are willing to take a fat burner, add another protein shake or preworkout drink. They are even willing to do another workout, but don’t take away their wine or coffee creamer. Oh no!

Listen, you don’t need to diet hardcore, but you have to have guidelines. You need a plan. You need rules. That applies to everything in life.

We have to be accountable for what we eat like we are accountable for what we spend. Our body is just a physical bank account of calories going in and out. The only thing is, we can eat them a lot easier and faster than we can “spend” them (or burn them).

Let’s clean up our diet to lose weight and workout to get stronger and fitter; not to erase all our dietary sins.

The gym is not where we are supposed to feel like we are “serving time”, it’s a place to grow, make friends, try new things and reach new goals.

What are you trying to work off?

Did you gain the COVID fifteen?

I am starting a 21 Day Reset June 15th.

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  • chris

    Yes during epidemic and being at home for last three month all together has turn down my effort i made to keep my body fit and now i have increased sufficient weight. How long it will take to get back to my previous weight if follow your tips?

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