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Red Mountain Resort: This Vacation Could Change Your Life

What if you could go on a vacation that transformed your body and life? 

boxing couple 2 copyBe Transformed

Are you burned out, stuck at a weight you are not happy with or just need a kickstart? Steve and I will be leading a very special retreat at Red Mountain Resort where our goal is to help people reach new goals and make healthy changes that stick. It’s all about transforming lives from the inside out!

We’ve been holding retreats for several years and our passion is empowering people with knowledge that can change their body and lives. I always say it’s not just about what you do at one of our retreats, but it’s what you take home from our retreats that makes the most impact.

We came with cautiously optimistic expectations and you blew us away at every turn! Steve and Bonnie, to say you are pros would be woefully inadequate. You gave so much energy, expertise, inspiration and unbridled passion. It was an experience I won’t long forget.”Laura Newman

DTC Red Mountain Spa various photosThere are a lot of wellness retreats. You can get a good workout anywhere. What makes our retreats special is the amount of knowledge you will gain. Making a lasting change requires more than just a few amazing workouts. Whether you are doing a workout or eating dinner with us, it won’t take long to discover there is one consistent theme throughout the entire retreat – constant education. With more knowledge comes more motivation to do what is needed to be done to get where you want to go.

Be Empowered

24361_388260883116_5501406_nYou will learn something new every day. If you are serious about making a permanent change, this retreat is for you. If you need help setting goals, this retreat is for you. If you need direction with your diet and exercise program, this retreat is for you. If you are overwhelmed and confused with too much diet and fitness information, YES, this retreat is for YOU!

“Steve and Bonnie have an infectious passion for health and fitness and a genuine willingness to share their experience with everyone they meet. Their warmth and professionalism makes them impactful life coaches and trainers. With the two of them in your corner, you’re sure to not only reach your goals, but also surpass them.” Chee Gates, Fitness Magazine

Be Impressed


DTC Red Mountain Spa various photos indoor-pool_CRP red-rock-guest-lounge_CRPRed Mountain Resort tops the charts! With over 100 awards and recognition including:

Travel + LeisureWorld’s Best Awards – Top Ten Destination Spas

InStyle, 2015 Beauty Black Book Pick – Top Spa

Travel Channel, Top 10 Travels Best: All-Inclusive Resorts for 2015, The 10 Most Slimming Vacations


USA Today, 10 Best Health & Wellness Resort


Yoga Journal, 10 Spa Vacations for Yogis

While the resort is breathtaking and has been recognized as top in its class, this retreat is more than just a fun weekend at a world class resort. This retreat has the potential to change your life forever. It’s not just an investment in a vacation, it’s an investment in your health and future fitness success. It’s literally the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!

Awesome weekend, highly recommend, the perfect way to start a new program or jump start one that you feel like you be in a rut with.Trina Searcy

Be Inspired

295279_10150770248583117_590625225_nMany people don’t pursue their dreams simply because they don’t realize their own potential. Luckily, for our clients, that is what we enjoy doing the most! We are able to help you see your own potential, make realistic goals and help pave the way to reach them.

In addition to not knowing your own potential, another issue is people often lack the inspiration and motivation needed to even start, much less cross the finish line. This is why it’s important to surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you. A weekend like this can be the fuel in your nearly burned out coals that ignite an unstoppable blaze.

Be Ready

If you have been looking for a fitness retreat where the benefits keep flowing far past your checkout time, this is it! CLICK HERE to learn more! (Payment plans are available)


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