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red mountain resortOne of the many wonderful opportunities Steve and I have gotten over the years is to lead wellness retreats.

All wellness retreats are different. While we will lead many different workouts, our main focus is what we will give you to take back home with you. That is why our retreats are focused on education, motivation and encouragement. We know if we can give you the tools you need to succeed on your own, the retreat can not just change your body, but change your life.

Steve & Bonnie Pfiester

More Than Workouts

Workouts are great, but a few workouts won’t change your life. Although we will be teaching a lot of classes including yoga, boot camp, kickboxing, power walking, strength training, injury prevention, abs and core and more, the most valuable classes will be on how to make lasting healthy changes that you can implement anywhere.

Our focus on education and motivation is what makes our retreats so valuable. It’s not what you do while you are with us that matters as much as what you take home with you – and it’s our desire to give you as much of us as we possibly can.

Exploring Together

transformation vacation at red mountain resort.The next retreat we have planned will be held at Red Mountain Resort in Utah November 30th – December 3rd. Known as the adventure resort, this property is surrounded by a natural playground where we can do yoga on red cliffs, horseback riding, biking, hiking, repelling, climbing, kayaking and so much more!

In addition to all the excursions and adventures you can experience, we can also just chill together by the pool or get pampered in the spa. A real wellness retreat should leave us feeling refreshed and renewed, so we should all make sure we are getting rest and relaxation too!

Making Memories Together

wellness retreatMy favorite part about the retreats is building relationships. Often times we are finally meeting people we’ve known for years online. It is so fun to spend quality time together and making lasting memories. And, while we do spend time together, we make sure too make the most of each moment – teaching and sharing healthy lifestyle tips as we go.

Eat with us. Train with us. Walk with us. Explore with us. Relax with us. If you commit to spending 4 days with us, we’ll commit to giving you everything we’ve got!!

Sweating Together

Although we plan to burn a lot of calories during this retreat, we promise we will make burning calories more fun than you could ever imagine! Workouts will include a wide variety of different exercises, easily modified for every single fitness level. So, if you are a Nervous Nelly when it comes to group workouts, have no fear! This is a stress-free environment, with workouts geared to challenge you but not overwhelm you. Once you have gone to one of our retreats, you will be able to enter any gym or class with confidence.

Book & Save!

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