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Summer Fun Fitness Gear

Some people reward themselves with a cheat meal. I reward myself with fitness apparel. So, I thought I’d share my latests finds.

Barbells & Ponytails

Barbell and PonytailsI saw this hat online and that was what drew me in at first. I love that warn look and I really needed a dark grey hat. The style fits great and it’s cute too! Whether I wear it at the gym or with jeans, it will definitely be a good go-to hat.

Once I looked around the site, I spotted this cute retro tank too with the cartoon of the girl lifting the dumbbell. I threw it on with charcoal capri leggings and charcoal victoria secret sports bra – and BOOM! Totally cute and cozy workout wear! Better than cake!

Get the Tank

Get the Hat


fabletics darci capriI have been ordering from Fabletics for several months now, but my friend (Danielle Burke) is the one that told me about these legging. I would have never noticed their secret powers if I didn’t see Danielle tucking her phone in her slick thigh pocket on our run. My eyes popped out of my head and I was like “I’ve GOT to have THAT!!” For a girl who is constantly snapping shots and needing to keep her phone by her side, this was a MUST HAVE!

So, I ordered them right away and they quickly became my go-to leggings. They were the perfect travel leggings to wear when flying to Phoenix for work. Super comfy, fashionable (with the sheer cutouts) and practical (with my secret pockets! Yep, this too is a must have!

Get Fabletics’ Darci Capris


workout womanI discovered this tank on facebook (because you know how facebook knows you even better than your bestie! LOL). They are constantly showing me stuff I want – and, well, it’s working! I clicked on the facebook ad and purchased my Workout Woman tank, but my purchase became a welcomed discovery. Teespring is an incredible site for gifts. **BOOKMARK!**

Once you go on the site, enter any topic or theme to discover tons of stuff! For instance, I typed in “Wonder Woman” and it gave me over 1,000 items to choose from. I searched “cupcakes” because my BFF love cupcakes and narrowed the search to tank tops and there were 552 tanks just about cupcakes!! What an amazing site to find the perfect gift for your friend who loves (fill in blank here).

Get the Workout Woman Tank

What’s Your Latest Find? Comment Below!

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