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Isajunk or Isagenius? My Holistic Nutrition Experiment

supplementsMost of you know I do a LOT of reviews. I’ve tried so many products over the years. What you don’t know is all the products I have tried and refused to review because I didn’t like them.

Over the years, people have sent me enough product to stock a supplement store. Many of those products were nothing short of nasty! LOL! Some were okay, but just not my favorite. So, I would give stuff to my friends, family and even the homeless shelter or Harvest for people who needed better nutrition so not to waste anything.

I have to admit, most of the time, my emphasis was on how products tasted. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t taste good, you aren’t going to use it often or stick with it. Taste is important. However, I also have to admit, I put it as top priority over actual nutrition. So there you go! I confessed! I have been somewhat of a shallow supplement buyer.  LOL!

Slow Learnerconfusing diets

One of my good friends (Dr. Jennifer Stepanek of Total Health Walk-In Chiropractic) has always been passionate about nutrition, being very aware of ingredients in processed foods, supplements, etc. As a certified expert in nutrition, she actually was the first person to encourage me to start cooking with coconut oil and reduce sugar years before it really became common. She was also the one who explained why some foods cause you to want to eat more and taught me about ingredients to avoid.

Since I’m a slow learner, and I hadn’t really experienced all the negative side affects of aging, I did not apply everything she suggested right away. I was still ten foot tall and bullet proof when I was in my thirties. Then I hit 45 and it was like my body suddenly broke. Cars blow tires, I blew my ankle, knee, back and elbow – all one at a time, but I literally was breaking down part by part.

As I became increasingly aware of my need for better nutrition, I slowly but surely started implementing her suggestions into my life. Key word: slowly.

Fit To Fat To – Ouch!

fit to fat to fitFinally, it was Fit To Fat To Fit that really woke us up on just how incredibly powerful nutrition is – good and bad. We believed it, but you never really grasp the full affects of nutrition until it personally affects you.

We discovered what sugar could do to the body firsthand. We learned how good nutrition fought inflammation and boosted energy. We learned about the benefits of intermittent fasting and the importance of logging food. We experienced a lot of “firsts” that year and the entire experience opened our eyes to the next level of health and fitness, and a new phase in our personal journey to better health; Nutrition.

Not calories in verses calories out (which is VERY important too), but the type of nutrition you are taking in. Sweeteners, cooking oils and the types of foods we were eating started to change. But, it was time to clean up our supplements like we were cleaning up our whole foods. It was time to start doing some research.

SEO - Search Engine OptimisationThe Search Begins

Normally, I do reviews on brands that come to me and pay me to try their product and (if I like it) get the word out. This has been super fun and rewarding. I get to pick and choose what I review and I never have to write about a product I truly don’t like.

This time, I was seeking out products and people who were investing in quality nutrition on my dime. We started studying. We began asking people we respect about what they use and how they eat.

abs around proHome Shopping Network super star, Kristie Belliston got me hooked on Kombucha while on the set of Gymform’s Abs All Around Pro. We also began taking probiotics after we did a review for Florastor and Steve got on a serious vitamin regiment rich in fish oil from his doctor. We continued to set out to learn as much as possible and find more supplements that our taste buds not only liked, but our body loved as well.

We spoke with leaders of several big name companies to learn more about their products. I wasn’t impressed. Even some of the best ones, while quality, was still missing something. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but let’s just say we weren’t sold. Then, I was introduced to a holistic nutrition company called Isagenix.

Holy Holistic

holistic nutritionOkay, I just have to confess. I am the world’s BIGGEST skeptic. I’m not a tree hugger. While I realize holistic nutrition is important, I never thought I could adhere to the holistic way of life. It seemed unrealistic and I was all about practical and realistic living because that was something I could stick with.

I also was introduced to the business side of the company, but I have never had any desire to sell supplements and, while I did realize vitamins and nutrients are important, I’ve always been too cheap to invest in quality nutrition. I mean, if it came down to buying a new pair of tennis shoes or buying vitamins, shoes were going home with me, not vitamins. LOL!

However, the more I learned about Isagenix’s ingredients and their passion for providing natural superfood nutrition, the more intrigued I became. So, I listened with an open ear. Or at least tried

My friend, Dr. DelRae Messer, was the one who invested time to educate me, help me, listen to my needs and answer my million-and-one questions. Once even a bigger skeptic herself, I could relate to her. She had a practice and a reputation to protect. I also had a business and reputation to protect. People trust that I will always be honest and give unbiased information solely on my experience and expertise.

DelRae, like me, needed to stand behind a product that could go the distance and really provide her patients with the help they needed. Bottom line; they needed to work. Even though I respected DelRae and trusted her whole-heartedly, I still was reluctant.

The Test: Time to Experiment

Isagenix boxTHREE MONTHS LATER (talk about a tough sale!), I decided to take the plunge and try an entire Isagenix nutrition system. I mean, it had a 30-day money back guarantee so I really couldn’t go wrong. My plan was to quietly try it out myself for a few weeks and see how I liked the products and how I felt. This is where it gets fun.

I started the system on a Saturday. The system I picked out came with AM and PM vitamins, 60 meal replacement shakes, a cellular toxicity cleanse (not colon cleanse), protein bars, chocolate treats infused with green tea for those “chocolate emergencies”, a vitamin B drink (I call it my “happy juice”, which has become my favorite product in the entire line), a natural thermogenic, non-stimulant energy drink and cleanse support snacks. And, I got a post and pre workout! I opened the box up and literally opened every single container and started testing everything! LOL!

Since I knew the products had no artificial flavors or stimulants, and was created from whole foods, I seriously expected the worst. I expected it to disappoint me in taste and texture. Remember, I’m thinking “at least there is a 30-day money back guarantee”. However, I had to admit it all tasted really good. I don’t know if I was disappointed or excited. I think part of me would have liked to say “See, I told you I wouldn’t like it”. But, part of me really knew I needed better nutrition, so I was half relieved. I began to get excited.

low expectationsLow Expectations

I went into this whole nutritional experiment with very little expectations. I knew I needed to improve my health. I knew I needed to take care of my body, but I really just hoped the system would boost fat loss and give me some energy. I had ZERO expectations on feeling it or it improving the way my body felt. I’ve taken vitamins before and I’ve never felt any different, so I wasn’t expecting any real physical changes.

Maybe, psychologically, I didn’t want to have high hopes so I didn’t get let down. However, I was committed to doing the system just like it was written and sticking to it whether I “felt” it or not, because I knew it was good for me.

I’m not getting any younger and I want to age well. That was my focus. I knew I was going to spend money on my health one way or another. I could invest in my health now (Option A) or I could pay for neglecting my health later (Option B) in hospital bills, medications and doctor’s visits. Option A seemed like a much smarter option.

The Unexpected

kickboxingMonday night rolled around and it was time for kickboxing. I had tons of energy and felt great, but nothing super out of the ordinary. However, when it came time for burpees (yes, we do a LOT of burpees in Steve’s kickboxing class), I not only did every single one, I did it without any low back pain. I literally was thinking to myself as I was doing each one “this is weird, my back isn’t hurting” (because normally it hurts every single time). But, I had not even taken into consideration that my change in nutrition could be the reason I was doing painlessly burpees all the sudden. I just noticed I was getting better. It wasn’t like I was questioning why, I was just thankful!

You see, not only did I have pain while doing burpees, I often had to modify them – or skip them altogether. My own mom was doing more burpees than me! Sometimes I could do a few in a row, but then I would have to do a squat or only kick one leg back at a time. And, I definitely couldn’t do a burpee followed by a kick or knee. My back just screamed at me if I even attempted that combination.

This battle with my low back was quite humiliating for me. I mean, I’m supposed to be the fitness professional but I looked like I was slacking in class. This had been going on for most of this past year. So, when I completed all the burpees without doing one modification or wincing in pain, I was beyond relieved!

It wasn’t until I came home and bragged on myself to Steve, he brought up my recent supplement changes and asked me if I thought maybe my nutrition was helping me. My first thought was “surely not. It’s only been three days”. And then I grabbed my elbow and started poking around to see if my elbow was still swollen, but it WASN’T! After a year of chronic back pain and six months of tendentious in my elbow, it was like I was magically healing. But, being the skeptic that I am, I still wasn’t convinced. Maybe it was just a fluke. I told a couple of my close friends but still wanted to wait it out.

Give It Time, Not!

I had originally planned to be on the products for two weeks before I even told anyone I was trying them. And, I wasn’t planning on suggesting it to anyone until I completed the program. But, that all went out the window during the first week.

fitness study sessionI couldn’t deny I was feeling different. I couldn’t hide my renewed energy and excitement from my healing body. Besides, I had about 40 witnesses who were used to see me making faces during class, and a husband who was just about tired of my complaining. It’s not like I could hide what was going on.

I even had resorted to taking anti-depressants for my negative mindset. I cried on my chiropractor’s shoulder. I bought every foam roller made and would get one of our trainers (Travis Bass) to stretch me. I would explain why I couldn’t do different things on our BCx Boot Camp show on so people didn’t think I was just a loser. Everyone who knew me, pretty much knew just how much I was struggling.

So, it was very apparent to everyone around me that something was going on. In just a few days, people were asking me what I was doing. After witnessing my experience, Steve and Travis both jumped on the holistic nutrition train and ordered the Isagenix Performance line to test it out too. All in the name of science right?

Plank yogaStill slightly reluctant, wondering if this was all one big crazy coincidence, I still found myself waking up every morning waiting for my pain to come back, but it hasn’t. The pain that used to literally wake me up every morning was gone. Normal stiffness from working out replaced debilitating pain from doing things as simple as going for a long ride in my car.

In addition to reduced pain, I felt energized in a very different way. Unlike a pre-workout type freaky nervous energy, I had a new kind of energy I have not ever felt before. A healthy energy with no crash.

It is almost like I just woke up from a bad dream. Bonnie PfiesterMy eyes are now open and I see clear is a bell. While I still need contacts to see the world, my mind is crystal clear and laser focused to experience life. I’m staying up until twelve and one o’clock at night because I’m just not tired yet and able to wake up at five or six in the morning without taking a nap.

Maybe many people feel this good all the time. Maybe I used to feel that good and I just don’t remember how feeling good truly felt. Maybe I was just malnourished and didn’t know it. Whatever the case, I now am completely convinced that I am on the right track. I’m completely sold, not only on whole food nutrition but using a system instead of piecing my own system together.

I’ve tried many of the vitamins I am taking now by pieces stuff together myself, but never got this response. I don’t know if they just weren’t high enough quality or if it’s the fact I still had holes in my nutrition I wasn’t aware of. What I do know is, when you are on a complete system like the one I’m on, everything is designed to work together. There are no overlaps in nutrition. There are no gaps. It’s like I’m getting an IV drip of perfect nutrients through out the entire day – and I have never felt more alive.

cult leaderMy Surprising Conclusion

Before you get nervous and decide to defriend me on all social media platforms because you are afraid I may turn into a Isagenix cult leader, don’t worry. You will not see me posting Isagenix paraphernalia in every social media post like some people do.

Isagenix is truly a unique company that values relationships and they are very particular about how their customers and consultants run their business and represent their brand. First priority is helping people and you can’t help anyone if you are annoying. LOL!

i will beat herAlthough I will definitely help people with their nutrition, and coach people online and in the gym, my number one priority is continuing to provide quality unbiased content to help people. Even though I’m completely sold out for this company and these products (how could I NOT be?), I am more sold out for helping people make improvements – any and every way I can. Whether that is with exercise, meal prep, shopping, spiritual encouragement or with supplementation.

It feels good to finally find a product I can proudly represent and suggest. It feels good to feel good again. Even though Isagenix does encourage their fitness family to not “push” product online, I felt it was my responsibility to share with you what I have discovered just like I would with any other product I tried.

Of course you can email me or private message me any time and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, but it is business as usual at and I have workouts to write, motivational posts to post and support to give – and I have a lot more energy to do it! My hope is my newfound love for complete nutrition will help me be a better trainer, leader, boss, friend, wife and motivator!

So there you have it! The cat’s officially out of the bag! Now you know what I’ve been up to lately!

Myth vs Fact – The Truth Exposed

Facts_MythsIn closing. I want to share one simple (and possibly surprising) fact. While I love the nutrition I’m on, you do NOT need to take supplements to get results. Don’t let ANYone convince you otherwise. People may lead you to believe you “have to take XYZ” to succeed. You simply don’t. I’ve proved that over and over. I can get you fit for stage, wedding, reunion, cruise or favorite strapless dress without one shake or pill.

Getting good nutrition from whole foods is always best.  Healthy supplementation is just that – a supplement, or support system, to ADD to your lifestyle because you aren’t getting what you need from whole foods for optimal health.

The most important component to losing weight is learning how to manage healthy calories. (I use the LoseIt app). The second important part of getting fit is exercise. Where you get those calories and what you do with those calories in the gym will determine your shape and how you feel in the process.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel good even if I’m low on calories or had a tough workout. So, I choose to supplement. But, if you can get everything you need in whole foods, you are doing better than me.

So, no matter what supplement line you choose, one thing this taught me is nothing can beat a whole system that is designed to work together. I don’t know why I thought I could outsmart scientists who are dedicated to create the perfect combination of supplements for the best results. So, no matter what you use, stick to all one brand if you can and be picky about ingredients. Your body is precious and it needs preserving. You will pay for your health one way or another. You can either invest in good health now or you can pay for it later – in more ways than one!

Here’s to a New Year! Here’s to a New Life!

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More on Isagenix Product Highlights

Isagenix Facts:

  • Shakes are packed with macro nutrients, micro nutrients and probiotics
  • No artificial flavors
  • No chemicals
  • No stimulants
  • Non-dairy and vegan options
  • Tastes great

Isagenix Products:

  • Performance supplements
  • Anti-aging supplements
  • Weight loss supplements
  • Cellular toxicity cleanse
  • Healthy high-protein snacks and food
  • Energy and mental support
  • Skin care
  • Vitamins

Click Here to contact me personally (or Steve) to order or learn more. 

NOTE: Prices online reflect retail non-member prices. You will get wholesale prices. 🙂

I was not compensated for this blog. All opinions are my own.  

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • Alisha Afrank

    Yay Bonnie & Steve! I’m so glad you decided to test it out for yourself! You don’t know what you don’t know! I was blown away too!

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      Me too!!! If everyone even gets HALF the benefit I’ve been getting, it’s going to change lives. Remember, you get my coaching FREE! I want you to succeed and will do all I can to make that happen. I’m rooting for ya!!

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      Me too! I am SO happy to feel like ME again – just a better version. It’s been a long hard couple of years (physically) for me. I’m so thankful! <3

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