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10-Minute Cocktail Dress Workout

legs in heelsOk, I lie. It really is 10 1/2 minutes, but close enough!

This workout is super quick, but intense. No rest for weary, right?! This workout is all about pace and intensity, which is created by eliminating rest time. You can rest between each workout, but don’t rest between exercises until the whole circuit is done. Your pace should be nice and fluid, but fast as you can while keeping full range of motion. Increasing intensity by increasing pace and decreasing rest time makes short workouts more effective.

If you want to boost intensity even more, increase your weight on the back squats and add dumbbells to the step ups. Once that segment is over, you’ll be happy the last circuit is just body weight. Trust me, if you are doing it right, you will be completely worn out by the end.

TIP: Click on the exercises to see video instruction like this!


Warm Up: (4 1/2 minutes)

30 Seconds of Each X 3
Mountain Climbers

Air Squats
Squat Thrusts

Lower Body #1  (3 minutes)

30 Seconds of Each X 3
Back Squats
Alternating Step Ups (on Plyo box or bench)

Lower Body #2  (3 minutes)

30 Seconds of Each X 3
Jump Squats
Mountain Climbers

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