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Still Stuffed? Reduce the Pooch in Just 3 Days

steve and bonnie pfiesterIf you’re like me, you’ve stuffed your face since Thanksgiving! Ok, I didn’t really do that bad on Thanksgiving, but I have been “off” my diet for too long! You know what they say! “It’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit!” hahahahaha

Seriously, my diet vacation all started with the hurricanes that hit right after our competition. It continued through our vacation to Utah and ended with this past weekend. You know how it is, it’s like you say to yourself “I’m already fat. Might as well go out with a bang”. LOL

I found myself rubbing my belly like I was hoping to make a wish. My once flat tummy is no where to be found. It’s not like I gained 10lbs of stored fat over Thanksgiving week, but I’ve been letting the weight slowly creep up on me. But, that’s not all that is happening to make me feel so ridiculously fat. I’m literally stuffed.

stuffedGet Rid of the Evidence

Let’s talk about getting “unstuffed”. There are only two ways to get rid of the extra baggage you are carrying from over eating. One way is to burn it off with exercise (which takes a bit longer, but is most definitely necessary). The other way is to let your body run its course and let it get rid of food naturally. Yep, poop the weight off. Ha! I know! Not a fantastic subject, but it’s an important topic.

There are actually two things that happen when we go off our diet. Not only are our portions out of control, but we tend to eat more sodium and hold more water too. These two things alone will regulate once we get a grip on our diet. As it regulates, so will your weight.

We typically have temporary weight gain from water retention and filled bowels. While I am quite certain I have actually gained body fat, a lot is going on inside me way after my last big feast.

You can’t expect to eat these huge portions and not feel huge yourself. Where do you think that copious amount of food goes? Yep, it goes right to your gut – literally. It spends roughly 30 minutes to 2 hours in your actual stomach, but that’s not what makes us feel fat. Look at where the stomach is. When is the last time you grabbed just below your boob and thought, “boy I feel full!”? No, we grab our low stomach, where all our intestines are (which are probably already full from our last huge meal. And we unbutton our pants or put on stretchy pants to make more room for the intestines to do their job. Isn’t that an attractive thought!? LOL!

Just Three Days

portionsSo the million dollar question, “How can I feel thinner in just 3 days”? Easy! It takes up to 80 hours to rid yourself of the last huge meal you ate – that’s just a little over 3 days until you are truly through with that meal.

The key to feeling thin in just 3 days, is to immediately begin eating smaller portions so that you literally have less food in your gut. I love to eat brothy soups during this time period, to reduce food volume but still get that full feeling.

The first few meals may be the most difficult to adjust to, as your body has become used to the larger portions. Although your stomach is the size of your fist, it can be stretched out when you eat larger portions. However, it’s not the size of your stomach that really is an issue, it’s the type of meals you eat.

Each meal sets you up for the next. Another words, if you just ate a large unhealthy meal, your body will get your digestive system prepared for another large unhealthy meal. Once you stop that particular eating pattern, your body will begin to expect (and be content with) smaller, healthier portions.

upset stomachHowever, if you are a yo-yo dieter who eats small meals one minute and huge meals the next, expect your body to be just as confused as your scale. You will likely find small portions unsatisfying unless you maintain consistent eating patterns. As soon as you begin to maintain smaller portions, you will begin to feel thinner in just 3 days!

Of course you don’t want to just leave it up to your digestive system to rid yourself of the overage. You want to start burning off the stored fat too! So, make sure you get some good cardio in and pump those muscles back up with weights so your muscles feel tight and tone too. You’ll be AMAZED how much better you will feel by the end of the week!!

PFIT TIP: Today, I am addressing portion control – but what about all those extra calories you ate over Thanksgiving? Start burning some calories now to burn off fat stores from overeating. Your new eating habits coupled with a consistent exercise program can get you faster (and much happier) results.

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