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Fitness Posters: Best Motivational and Informative Tools for Gyms

The Fitness Poster

Have you ever noticed gyms, even home gyms, are often decorated with fitness posters? This is not just because they need art on the wall and it just fits the gym theme. No! The real reason they plaster these posters everywhere is because they help us succeed.motivational posters

Even if we go to a gym and have a set goal, sometimes, it’s necessary to get an additional dose of motivation and fitness posters help us do just that. A fitness poster of some super fit chick lifting a heavy weight or a shirtless guy in the sprint position showing off every ripple of muscle does something to the gym-goer. Just like most advertising, we want what we see. The only difference is, we know we have to work for it.

When I see a picture like that, I want to BE that girl lifting heavy or I want to DO what that guy is doing to get shredded. I want to succeed. That’s why I love motivating people so much with my motivational quotes and posts on social media. Because I know what motivational images do for me. I NEED it! We ALL do!!

The other purpose for a motivational poster is it’s informational. It can provide you with the information you need to succeed. It might show you how to do certain exercises correctly, demonstrate the benefits of doing sports or give useful information and advice.

Check out some popular types of fitness posters, which can be used in any type of a gym.

Fitness Motivational Posters

motivational posterOne way to make me want to really work is to remind me what I could look like if I keep training hard by placing motivational fitness posters of other people working out. Depending on the type of the gym, it can be a poster of any kind of exercise – weight lifting, running, yoga, pilates, crossfit or any other kind of training. It doesn’t even have to be something I do to get me going. All fitness is inspirational to me.

Motivational posters just remind you of what you are there for. And, you really need to be reminded at every turn, so it’s great to have them plastered everywhere. For instance, the yoga studio can be decorated with the photos of people doing yoga and gracefully strong postures while a cool shot of someone running may be just what you need to see when you are on a treadmill.

Bodybuilders Posters

bodybuilding posterPhotos of bodybuilders remind gym goers of their potential. It shows you what your muscles could look like if you keep training and dieting. Even if you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, bodybuilding posters can inspire you to build your body. In the gym, you are the sculptor and your body is the clay.

Pictures of famous bodybuilders remind you that the sky is the limit and people do make their dreams come true. Seeing their pictures proves that all the hard work in the gym is rewarded if you try to do your best, which is inspiring for both the beginners and experienced athletes. We are all in this together!

female bodybuilderEven pictures of unknown athletes are inspirational – reminding you that there are tons of real people getting amazing results. Whether they are pictured  just standing there drinking water or pumping iron, just seeing how a body is capable of looking, can be just what you need to push yourself a little further.

Informative Workout Posters

Another thing you see a lot at gyms are informative posters. As a gym owner myself, I’ve personally witnessed members gathered around a poster to simply gain more knowledge. Whether they poster is showing how to do an exercise correctly or is a helpful diagram of muscles and their names, they can be a really effective learning tool.

Posters may list recommendations of what exercises are best for people with certain problem areas, tips on how to lose weight or build muscles, pieces of advice on what types of training to choose or show you how to use a machine. Either way, informational gym posters can contain endless amounts of data, which can help anyone improve their fitness.

For example, as pictured right, it can be a print on yoga types and their benefits or how jogging improves health. This seriously makes me want to go do a yoga class right now!

motivational postersMotivational Fitness Posters with Quotes

If you have followed me for any length of time, you KNOW how much I love motivational words and thoughts. Sometimes we just need someone, or something, to talk some sense into us. I know I need it, so I always love to pass on words that have motivated me.

Motivational words inspire us and push forward to new achievements. Sometimes its an inspirational message containing a quote of famous athlete, who shares their training philosophy or how they reached the top. Other times, it’s a motivational phrase that is short but extremely powerful. I’ve learned it is important for the poster design to be eye-catching, not too complicated and super easy to read.

I bet you can think of a few phrases you’ve read somewhere right now – proving they work!

A No Pain No Gain Motivational Poster

no pain no gain

One of the most popular phrases for inspirational fitness posters is “No Pain No Gain”. You’ve probably seen this phrase written different with designs, from just words written on monotonous background to the ones paired with beautiful photos. It’s not only motivational, it’s the truth. Results will take work, but it reminds you it is worth is. No pain (work), no gain (reward).

When choosing the ones for your gym, think about the message, the image, the placement and the purpose. What are you trying to get across and strategically place the poster where you know it will impact someone the most?

You can get a ton of great posters online. You normally get more variety online at a better price. For instance, this site offers a great selection of fitness posters – both motivational and informational. And, you can order custom prints, designed specifically for your gym.

Set yourself up for success. Get the tools you need to succeed!!

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