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If you have tried to go to my site only to find it was down, you weren’t the only one!! I couldn’t even get into my site! ha! But it’s up and running again and we got it all worked out! We are BACK in ACTION!!

steve and bonnie pfiesterWhat’s up with the Pfiesters?

I’ll tell you what’s up! We are 10 days away from the Daytona Beach Classic! Steve and I will return to Daytona to compete again together. As much as I struggled through this competition season, I am SO glad I did it! Why? Here’s why…

The first time I competed, THAT was my goal – just to get on stage and face my fears. The only specific goal I really had was to get as lean as possible. I reached and surpassed that goal but it was a pretty generic goal.

Getting to the Point

Over the last couple of competitions, I’ve been feeling like I need more specific goals. I can’t just skate by with more cardio and less food and expect to look my best. This time I really took a long honest look at myself and decided it was time to work on my weak areas; not just a little more, but a LOT more – and I’m not just talking about my body, I’m talking about my attitude, bad habits, discipline, etc.

We tend to avoid the areas we are weak in or don’t see results in. When it comes to my body, that’s my legs and butt. I admit, I do the bare minimum. I have trained them once a week and thought doing kickboxing twice a week and boot camp once a week was enough to take care of them. But, the truth is, I hate doing legs and I really don’t give them the effort they need. In fact, it’s more than just hating legs, I hate waiting. I need more patience and more discipline. My weakness goes even deeper. I don’t like to fail. I don’t like to be bad at something. So, I often avoid it.

Live ExerciseButt Wait!

Ironically, the same way we hate what we are weak in, we will never become strong in those areas if we allow them to remain weak. Over the last couple of months I have pounded my legs and butt. I have practiced more discipline and time-management. I am trying very hard to work in my weak areas so they get stronger.

Now I work legs 2-3 times a week. AND, (I can’t even believe I’m saying this) I’m actually enjoying training legs. WHAT?! You heard right! I actually have had fun training them.

Why am I enjoying training legs? Because they are getting stronger. Because I’m seeing progress. No one likes working without getting paid and that’s kind of what I was doing before. I was working, but not hard enough for it to really pay off. That also makes me appreciate the discipline I’m putting in. Discipline is not just painful, but it is rewarding – if you STAY disciplined and patient.

Most-Hated List

The reason I share this with you is because everyone tends to do more stuff they love to do and avoid stuff they need to do (most of us have our own Most-Hated list). Many bodybuilders avoid cardio because they are bad at it. Then you have the runners that avoid doing weights because they feel they are bad at that. The list of scenarios goes on.

Trust me, I had a LONG Most-Hated list. It takes everything out of me to run in this heat and I don’t really like going to the gym much more! LOL But it’s what I need! Darn it!

If you are avoiding something, chances are, it’s exactly what you need more of. And, if you start investing in that area, you WILL start getting rewarded and, you may end up actually enjoying it!

Training more purposefully, with more detailed goals has actually made it easier to show up to the gym. I’m no longer just going through the motions and punching the workout clock. I’m going there to work toward a specific goal each time I walk through the door so I leave feeling more productive and victorious.

Big PIcture

got balance?Pastor Rick Warren was talking about the importance of exercise. Then he talked about bodybuilders who sculpt muscle just to sculpt muscle. He said they don’t seem to have an answer to  the”why?”. Why do they do it? To see more ripples and bumps? Is that all? Lord knows if that’s the only reason to workout, we are doomed!

While it’s GREAT to have goals, it can’t become our main focus in life. It can’t be all we think about and strive for. It’s just one small part of our life. I have goals to give me the motivation and drive I need to keep showing up – because, without it, I honestly probably wouldn’t even train. I need a reward. I need to get paid for my work. I must have a goal.

After that, I have to be very aware of how much time I spend working on, or even thinking about, those goals. They can’t take the high place in my life. They can’t come before God, my spouse, my kids (if I had any – wait, I have to dogs. Does that count? YES! I’ll answer myself! LOL), etc. You get my drift.

Bonnie PfiesterWe are to take care of our body. We can’t be all that God desires us to be without being healthy enough, or be around long enough, to do them. Our health is super important. Having a six-pack? Not so much! Sure, it’s great if I can be lean and healthy, but our body shape really doesn’t matter as much as our energy levels, health and freedom we get from being healthy enough to move, do, work and play.

So, I end with this: Do you have goals? How specific are they? Or are they just “I want to lose weight?” type goals. Today, I encourage you to set a clear goal and a date you want to reach that goal and see if it doesn’t help give you more direction and motivation. Then, I want you to think of all the things that are important in your life and decide how they are all ranked. Don’t justify putting family in front of your fitness just to get out of working out. You will be a much better mom or dad if you are a fit mom or dad, but DO be very aware of your priorities so that they don’t get out of order in the process. 🙂 Lastly, list all the distractions that seem to get in the way of your success.

Happy goal setting! I hope it gives you that little boost you needed!

goals-are-dreams-with-deadlines-20130331461Goal Ideas:

Body measurements (with exact ares you want to lose it)
Body weight
Body fat percentage
Muscle gain (pounds or measurements)
Run time
Sign up for a race
Register to compete
Join a gym
Do a fitness challenge or contest
Health goals (blood pressure, resting heart rate, etc)
Get off or reduce medicines (my dad just got off all his meds because of fitness!)
Hang up your skinny jeans and don’t quit until you get in them
Do a detox (like sugar, caffeine, alcohol or something you feel you need out of your life)

These are just a few ideas! Have fun with it. And, once you set a goal, share it with a friend to hold you accountable. Measure or test weekly to make sure you are making progress.

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.

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