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Bikini Competitor Butt and Leg Workout

SquatsOne of the first things to lose shape when you are over 40 is your backside. With that said, I’ve been working very hard to improve the shape and skin-tone (less dimples, sagging, etc) in my glute and thigh area. This means I’ve been doing a LOT of squats, lunges, deadlifts and glute-specific exercises.

I’ve also changed up my weight routine for the week. I now hit legs twice a week. The first workout of the week, I really focus on quads and glutes, with a little hamstrings. On the second leg workout of the week, I focus on hamstrings and glutes with a little quads.

As a result, I have seen amazing changes. I’m stronger than ever, I’m less sore (believe it or not!) and I’m feeling great! My back is stronger, I have less low-back issues AND my hamstrings and low back are more flexible since I’m stretching and strengthening them more often.

I’m super stoked about the progress and wanted to share one of my workouts with you! Here is a quad/glute focus workout, with a touch of hamstrings. Enjoy!

Bar Squats

25 45lb Bar
20 45lb Bar + 2 10lb plates  (65lbs)
20 45lb Bar + 2 25lb plates (95lbs)
18 45lb Bar + 2 35lb plates (115lbs)
15 45lb Bar + 2 45lb plates (135lbs)

NOTE: Squat DEEP. Legs hip-width apart. Abs engaged. Core Tight. 

Static Lunges

static lunge25 45lb Bar – Left Leg Back
25 45lb Bar – Right Leg Back

20 45lb Bar + 2 10lb plates – Left Leg Back
20 45lb Bar + 2 10lb plates – Right Leg Back

18 45lb Bar + 4 10lb plates – Left Leg Back
18 45lb Bar + 4 10lb plates – Right Leg Back

15 45lb Bar + 2 25lb plates – Left Leg Back
15 45lb Bar + 2 25lb plates – Right Leg Back

NOTE: Feet stay put, with weight bearing leg in front (working the front leg’s glute). In other words, you are not stepping back or stepping forward with each rep. The feet remain in a split stance and static lunge for all reps before switching legs so there is NO REST for that working leg. 

leg extensionsLeg Extensions

20 Leg Extensions 50lbs
18 Leg Extensions 60lbs
18 Leg Extensions 70lbs
15 Leg Extensions 80lbs
12 Leg Extensions 90lbs
100lbs (as many as I can)

Butt-Burner Super Set

20 Weighted Curtsy Left Leg Weighted
20 Weighted Repeater Knee Left Leg Weighted
20 Weighted Curtsy Right Leg Weighted
20 Weighted Repeater Knee Right Leg Weighted
X 4 (No rest between exercises. Only rest between sets.)

NOTE: Curtsy  Hold 25lb plate, dumbell or kettlebell in opposite hand of weight bearing leg. KEEP BACK FLAT and LEG STRAIGHT. Knee Repeater – Hold weight in front of you while in lunged position (stay low to the ground – 80% weight on front foot). KEEP BACK FLAT.

Straight Leg Deadlift

straight leg deadlift20 Straight Leg Deadlift with 45lb Bar
18 Straight Leg Deadlift with 45lb Bar + 2 10lb plates (65lbs)
18 Straight Leg Deadlift with 45lb Bar + 4 20lb plates (85lbs)
15 Straight Leg Deadlift with 45lb Bar + 2 25lb plates (95lbs)

NOTE: Back flat, legs straight (but not locked), feet together hip-width part.


Weighted Glute Bridge

20 Weighted Bridge
15 Right Leg Bridge
15 Left Leg Bridge
Rest X 4

NOTE: You can use a kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell or plate weight. Keep the weight as close to your hips as possible and push weight with your heels to work the glutes. 


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