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Wearable Caffeine Has Zero Side Effects

Clean Energy PatchEnergy products are all the rage. It seems every supplement and beverage brand on the market has an energy drink, drink mix or pill. However, these energy products are not for everyone.

I’ve tried a lot of different energy products over the years and have experienced all kinds of adverse reactions – including a racing heart, extreme jitters, anxiety, nausea and even panic. For this reason, I typically don’t do energy products.

While I’m a BIG coffee drinker, I don’t enjoy coffee in the afternoon – especially, on a hot summer day. Sipping a hot cup of Joe is the LAST thing I want to do when I’m fighting this South Florida heat and humidity. So, if I needed a caffeine boost, the only other real option is drinking an energy drink but I hate the taste of all of them. Then I was introduced to Clean Energy Patch.

This is a great solution for someone who wants the energy of caffeine without all the other stuff. You don’t have to mix a drink, gulp a nasty-tasting beverage or pop a pill. You just simply slap on the patch and forget about it.

Goodbye Yawning

Clean Energy PatchA good example of this is when I was on the set for an infomercial with Steve. After lunch, I found myself walking around like a total zombie. And I’m not talking about the energetic hungry zombies chasing people. I’m talking about the slow walkers, moving about aimlessly.

When this normally happens, I typically grab a cup of coffee but there was no more coffee in crafty. (Insert eye-bulging emoji here.) What’s a girl to do?

I was yawning every two minutes. Seriously! I was embarrassed about how much I was yawning. It was ridiculous. I was so short on sleep and it had caught up to me. I was crashing more and more every second.

It was so bad, I found myself looking around for a place to lay down and squeeze in a quick nap. I’m not a napper, so just thinking about a nap was completely out of character for me. Then it hit me! I had a Clean Energy Patch in my bag.

Clean Energy PatchI grabbed the patch and slapped that bad boy on and went back to work. I hadn’t used Clean Energy Patch before so I didn’t know really what to expect. I guess I expected the jolt of energy that some energy drinks give you but I discovered that Clean Energy Patch was more about a constant gentle flow of energy than a sudden jolt.

To be honest, I forgot I had it on. However, as time passed, I noticed I was no longer trying to find a cozy place to sleep. After several hours, I realized I had successfully completed a very long day without any more yawning. I was alert, focused and clear. And, since I forgot I had it on, I obviously wasn’t struggling with any jitters or side effects. It was a success.

Not only did I have good energy, I had no crash. After a very long day on location, Steve and I went back to the hotel, changed clothes and went out to dinner with Steve’s co-host, Kristie. After dinner, I still had enough energy to play online, check emails and stay up until nearly eleven o’clock.

IMG_7524Since Clean Energy Patch is more of a subtle long-lasting steady source of energy, I also had a friend, Dr. Matthew Schiermyer, try it to so I could get another person’s feedback. As a Chiropractor who also competes in bodybuilding, he’s always trying new supplements and is very in tune with his body.

Matt wore it all day at work and said the thing he noticed most is he didn’t have his normal afternoon crash. He said he typically gets tired in the afternoon, but Clean Energy Patch gave him a steady stream of energy that kept him going all day.

Most of all, he said he was very focused and clear – which says a lot since he’s on a low-calorie diet right now as he is preparing to compete this weekend.

Clean Energy PatchI also had Steve put it to the test on one of his longest days at work. He’s up at 4:00am and doesn’t get off work until 7:00pm. He put the patch on after lunch to help him get through the rest of the day of personal training and classes.

Normally Steve has a hard time making it through his 5:30pm high-energy kickboxing class on these long days, but he was able to keep his energy up throughout the entire class. Not only that, he went BACK to the gym at 9:00pm to do second cardio!

If you have been feeling foggy or felt like you just need a boost, maybe you should give Clean Energy Patch a try!

Steve shares his thoughts…


If you make a purchase on their site between now and December 31, 2016, make sure to use my code BP2016 for 20% OFF your order!

Perks of the Patch

  • Completely natural
  • Up to 8 hours of energy
  • Zero side effects (no jitters or anxiety)
  • No crash
  • Calorie-free
  • Bloat-free (nothing goes in your belly!)
  • Portable and convenient (great for travel)
  • There are no mystery ingredients
  • Contains 35mg of caffeine per patch

Note: If you wear it a few days in a row, you may want to change the location of the patch 

Clean Energy Patch 

This is a sponsored blog written by me on behalf of Clean Energy Patch. All opinions and text are mine.

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