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Awesome & Affordable: Bluetooth Headphones for the Gym

I recently got a new pair of August Bluetooth Headphones to try. I’ve never had bluetooth headphones before – and these are also my first “ear muff” headphones. LOL! I have to say, I tried them before I found out how much they were. I was recommending them to someone and they asked me how much they were. I wasn’t sure but I was guessing the’d be somewhere between $75-$100. I was SHOCKED to find out they were $29.95 on Amazon! Whaaat?! What a GREAT deal!!!  So, I decided to pass it along to my peeps!


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Key Specs
Operating Range: Up to 10m
Working Time: 14 hours
Charging Time: 2.5 hours
Standby Time: 480 hours

Sleek and ultra-light headphones
Only 4.5 ounces with soft padded ear pieces and a headband cushion!

Bluetooth v4.0 and NFC
Connection via its Bluetooth version 4 chip is swift and simple – and it also includes NFC technology allowing you to pair simply by tapping them with your phone or tablet.

Integrated remote and Inbuilt mic
The earpiece remote control allows you to skip back and forth through your track list, answer and hang up calls. You can answer calls with the built in mic that can also be used with VOiP services like Skype and AOL for handsfree headset for internet calling or PC gaming.

12+ hours of play time
A quick 2.5 hours charge via its Micro USB connection provides over 12 hours of playback. Great for commuting, night shifts and even marathons.




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