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Full Body BCx Conditioning Workout

Here is a taste of what we do every week on our BCx Boot Camp show on LiveExercise.com. Most of our workouts are only 30-40 minutes. We have over 100 BCx workouts to choose from and we whip up a fresh new batch of muscle pumping fat burning fun every week!! Here’s today’s workout.

Here is a super quick video to demonstrate the exercises we used in the first 3 couplets.

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

Shoulder Press
Push Ups

Minute 1: 3 reps each
Minute 2: 4 reps each
Minute 3: 5 reps each
Minute 4: 6 reps each
Minute 5: 7 reps each
Minute 6: 8 reps each
Minute 7: 9 reps each (this should take the whole minute)

Weight: Use moderate weight. I used a 45lbs bar

squatsSquat Couplet

Weight: Use light to moderate weight. I did a 45lb bar with 10lb bumper plates (65lb).

NOTE: You’ll want to use less weight than you would normally squat if you are just squatting alone since there is little rest.

TIP: You can use a bar, dumbbells or even 2 gallon of waters (8.33lbs each). Go as deep as you can.

10 Back Squats
10 Squat Thrusts

X 5 Rounds

(Take only 10-15 second rest between rounds)

Snatch1-Arm Couplet

Weight: You can use dumbbells or kettlebells, but go heavy as you can. I did 15lb dumbbells the first set, 20bs the 2nd set and 25lbs the 3rd set. Steve did 25, 30 and 35lbs.

5 Snatch + Squat Press
10 Bent Over 1-Arm Row
3 Rounds Right
3 Rounds Left
(Going heavier each round)

Oblique Couplet

20 Side Plank Pulses Right (right elbow plank, pulsing hips up and down)
20 Oblique Crunches Right (right oblique)
Repeat on the Left Side
3 Rounds

Visit LiveExercise.com to get a FREE trial – and then look for BCx Boot Camp (under all shows) to workout with us!!! 

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