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JAN 31: Prepare to Persevere

don't quitNo one ever sets out to fail. You don’t plan to quit. Most people quit on a whim or because they get beat down over and over and over – and then they just quit trying to beat whatever it is they’ve been fighting out of frustration or fatigue.

I’m telling you right now. The key to success is making the decision NOW not to quit LATER. Let me tell you – no matter how hard it is now to lose weight, it’s SO much harder to restart. So don’t! The only way you will never have to start again, is to never quit again.

This year can be different for you. It can be better for you IF you decide to do your best, and every Monday you decide to get right back to it. Sticking with a program is challenging, but anything you do is better than quitting and doing nothing at all.

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Have a successful new year!! This is YOUR YEAR!!

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  • Tim

    I always sit back and say to myself, So what am I going to do with a fit and trim body.
    As “I” get older, past 56, I wonder what to do with myself. I am on 100/80% disability. When you are young, you have so many adventures, that keep you going, but when you slow down, those activities seem useless. My advice, make sure nothing is useless.

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