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JAN 30: Get Fit Inside AND Out

I want to encourage you to not just focus on the outside, but to work on a balance of getting both physically fit and spiritually fit.

Think of it this way. How clean can a cup be if you only wash the outside? Not so clean right? Well, isn’t that what we are doing if we just work on fixing our outer shell without taking care of what’s inside?

We will never be at peace unless we take care of both our body and our soul. There is no exercise or diet in the world that can get our soul healthy. Only God can do that. I challenge you to explore ways to get as spiritually healthy as you are trying to get physically healthy.

Think of all the time we spend on ourselves. Doesn’t God deserve some time too? Plus, it gives us time to get to know Him better and keep life in perspective. It’s hard to whine about our weight, when we look at it in light of what is important to the Lord. Of course He wants you to be healthy and take care of yourself, but even on my worst day, I’m A-OK after spending time with Him. He reminds me there is much more to life than my silly petty woes or a day of feeling fat. 🙂

5 Ways To Fit More Jesus in Your Busy Life

It would be a shameHere are some ways I fit more spiritual exercise in my daily schedule.

1. Reading through the Bible (I use this guide). I listen to the Bible app while I do dishes, clean, fold laundry and get ready in the morning. (PS – you can choose any translation you want! I like NIV, NKJ, AMP & MSG).

2. Listen to Podcasts while getting ready and running (my favorite are Timothy Keller & Joyce Meyer). I have a rule. I don’t run without Jesus. This quiet time is the perfect time to learn more and grow.

3. Listen to Christian Music (I love finding new stuff on Spotify) and listening to other people’s playlists.

4. Go to church (I go to Calvary Chapel Vero Beach – which also is online). This is huge for us. Without plugging in to a solid church, I’d have no accountability and would easily slip.

5. Spend time with other people who have the same priorities and want to talk about spiritual things.

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  • Tiffany

    Thank you for this post. I have very strong issues with food, and then consequently, guilt. I’ve come to understand that Satan can attack us in all sorts of ways, and I’m asking God to help me conquer this demon in my life. It may seem silly to some to ask God to help me stay out of the pantry, but it’s a very real struggle for me. Thanks for addressing total well-being. That’s why I’ve continued to follow you for many years.

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