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Fit To Fat To Fit: How Steve Survived the 1st Workout

One of the most valuable lessons learned on the Fit To Fat To Fit show was Steve working back to Fit again – the first workout, the dieting, the doubt, the struggle and even the hopelessness. As you can see in this workout, Steve struggled even more than Tasha. He felt like his lunges would explode. His body didn’t want to do what his mind knew needed to be done. Right when he would have probably quit if he was alone, that’s whey he experienced the value of having someone by his side.

Steve’s 1st Workout

Tasha’s ability to motivate Steve is a perfect example of why you don’t necessarily need a trainer to help you get through even the most grueling workout. Tasha wasn’t a trainer, but having her there to push Steve kept him going – and that continued throughout the entire 4 months.

Steve and Tasha Talk About the Workout

How To Survive a Tough Workout

sore from workoutSomeone told me that they worked out once but they were so sore they never worked out again. Let me encourage you. Working out makes you sore. That is normal. Everyone experiences it. It hurts to sit down on the toilet. It hurts to wash your hair. Muscle soreness hurts. There is nothing wrong with you and you likely didn’t do anything wrong at all. your body just isn’t used to that kind of activity – but it will.

The good news is it doesn’t take your body long to figure out what you need it to do. The first week is always the hardest week because of this initial muscle soreness. It does get better. Here are some tips so you survive that first week and make it through to the next step – into the routine.

5 Tips to Muscle Recovery

  1. Drink a lot of water. Water helps flush the toxins that build up in our muscle from the breakdown of muscle fibers.
  2. Take anti-inflammatories. Reduce inflammation by keepingsore-muscles-2um21g4363sfx4l8acz096 anti-inflammatories in your system to relieve pain and inflammation caused from the trauma your body is experiencing.
  3. Ice. Ice is the best medicine for muscle spasms, achy joints and injuries. Exercise, even when done safely, is “injuring” the body. While it’s on a more microscopic level (as we tear down muscle to build it back up stronger), it’s still trauma and ice can also help you heal faster since it increases blood flow to the affected area.
  4. Epson Salt Baths – After you treat 55b241c0355def867b3840e803e1e49einflammation, a nice long Epson Salt bath is fantastic for soothing and relaxing tight muscles. Stretch after your bath to increase flexibility after your muscles are relaxed and warm.
  5. Keep moving. The first natural response to sore muscles is to stay still. Moving hurts, but it’s not what the body needs. We actually need to keep moving to work the muscle soreness out. Staying still is the worse thing you can do when you are sore. You actually will increase the length of time you are sore and slow healing. The best thing you can do when are sore is to go for a walk or job.

Do you have any questions about their workouts or what helped them keep going? Post questions below and we’ll keep the content coming! 🙂

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