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JAN 29: Get Pfit – No Trainer Needed

Of COURSE, having a trainer can help people reach their goals, (that’s what I do! So obviously I know our value) but why and how do they help? Is it their knowledge? Sure, knowledge is helpful, but there is endless information online that can give you the same information. Is it their equipment? Sure, equipment can definitely help, but it’s not completely necessary. There’s a ton of amazing bodyweight workouts you can do on your living room floor without owning one dumbbell.

Maybe it’s how they push you and don’t let you rest or text between sets. Well, you can get the GymBoss Interval timer and let time boss you around and push you to stick to a time schedule. Could the most powerful and most valuable benefit to personal training be how a trainer motivates you and holds you accountable? YES, I think so, but you don’t have to be a certified personal trainer to encourage someone or hold someone accountable.

Steve and Tasha, from A&E’s Fit To Fat To Fit, actually bring this point to life in their latest interview where they talk about that horrible first workout on the beach. Steve shares how much Tasha helped push him, but Tasha wasn’t his trainer. Tasha was the client, yet her encouragement pushed Steve to not give up.

Hope for The Trainerless

friends sit upsI want to encourage you. Don’t you think for one minute that you are doomed because you weren’t lucky enough to get cast for a reality show, or you can’t afford to hire a trainer. You can get the results you want with just one person who is willing to meet you at the gym, one person online that will ask you how your workout was or one person who will share low-cal recipes with you.

This accountability partner doesn’t have to be a pro, they don’t even have to have experience. They just have to be there for you – even if it’s a total stranger halfway across the world who commits to meeting with you online (like our LiveExercise peeps). It’s a WIN-WIN. As much as you need someone, they need you too – just like Steve and Tasha. Their relationship may have started as a client/trainer relationship, but it didn’t take long to realize they were not much different than workout partners, just being there for each other every step of the way.

Get on facebook, instagram, twitter or email and ask your friends and family who wants accountability – and see what happens. I bet you end up with a bigger circle of support than you even think!!

Today’s Motivational Meme


No Equipment At-Home Workout

This is one of the workouts Tasha did this week called TEN-FOUR. Set your timer and see how fast you can get this workout done. The timer is your trainer. Steve is your coach – and we are your workout partners. Comment below and let us know how you did!! It should take 10-15minutes if you are fit, 15-20 minutes if you are just getting started and 20+ minutes if you are over 100lbs overweight (but don’t worry! Do what you can. If you have to stop, just write down how many rounds you got in within the time you allotted).

 floor mat (or cushy carpet lol)
10 rounds of the following 4 exercises for time

10 Jax
10 Burpees
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
Record time after 10 rounds.

Not sure what to eat or how to lose weight? Get my Get Pfit workbook (same workbook our boot campers read  – and what Tasha followed to help her success).


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