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JAN 27: You Are Your Reward

Only a few more days of my daily motivational posts to kick off the New Year strong! I hope they are “pumping you up”! In my interview with JJ Peterson, the trainer from the first episode of Fit To Fat To Fit, JJ says “you have to find your why”. As many of you know, we train people to compete in NPC competitions. However, it’s not to get them a trophy or get them a modeling contract. We do it as a goal to get them a new fitter body.

RayIn the first episode, Ray’s goal was to have kids and to be healthy enough to be the hero dad. For Tasha, our client in episode 2, it was to be a better, healthier, happier, stronger mom who could continue to be there for her family.

I agree with JJ, you have to find your why. For me, I don’t do what I do to win a title. I’m not that good at pretty much anything. LOL! But, I honestly do it just for me. I like me better when I’m fit. I am a better, happier, more confident version of myself. I have more energy for my family, clients, friends and staff. Isn’t being healthier better than any $50 trophy?


When I competed (that’s me in the white) and took home a 1st and 2nd place trophy, they went straight back to the hotel where they stayed for the entire rest of my trip. It’s not like I carried them around with me everywhere I went. No!

Everywhere Tasha goes (pictured below), she is wearing her success, she’s wearing her trophy. Every pound you lose, you are carrying your trophy. You are your reward – and you are so worth it.

Your kids are FTF_FL-ST_10222015_Prd_2750so worth it. Your spouse is so worth it. Your life is worth it. If you think for a second you are being selfish, think again. If you don’t take good care of yourself, you can’t be everything you need to be for your loved ones. No! If you don’t take care of yourself, YOU are being selfish.

It’s tough to fit it all in. It’s tough to diet. But, “find your why” and let that drive you to train harder than you would for a competition. Because isn’t your health, your family, your life worth more than a title or trophy? Heck yeah!!


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