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JAN 20: Don’t Learn the Hard Way This Year

learn the hard wayIs it possible you are trying to search for an answer to your weight loss or fitness struggle you have already received. Are you searching for truth you’ve already heard or searching for the best advice that you’ve already been told.

I’d like to take you on a journey back in time in order to make my point because I feel this same type of story happens in fitness all the time. People are searching for an answer, not liking the answer they get, and they keep searching – only to delay results because they are delaying in their obedience.

I’m talking about Moses and Pharaoh and the plagues (click here to read the whole story). It’s a perfect example of rebellion – and I think we often become rebellious in our fitness journey too. We rebel against the diet, rebel against the workouts, we rebel against our trainer …and when it’s all said and done, we blame everyone else but our own rebellious self when we are plagued with guilt, poor health and unfavorable results. Isn’t it time you end the vicious cycle?

The Power Of Surrender

surrender1No one likes to surrender. There is something very scary about surrendering, being “out of control” and giving up something or someway that is familiar and seems safe – even if it is horrible for you.

We prefer to fight. It’s in our nature – and while, there are many things worth fighting for, there are many things that aren’t. Many things we ought to surrender, we hold on to like unhealthy relationships, bad habits, selfish desires, laziness, etc. For Pharaoh, it was power.

Moses’ message to Pharaoh was “let the people free”. With each plague that followed when Pharaoh didn’t obey, Moses returned with the same message “let the people free’. JIm Gallagher, our pastor, reminded us that after God has already told you something, He’s not going to keep speaking to you if you keep ignoring what He’s already told you. He’s not going to give you a different message. He’s not going to change His mind. So, we need to quit looking for ways around things.

Sadly, this is often the case with our own clients occasionally. Granted, I’m way less patient than God, eventually there comes a point when I have to quit investing in people who won’t listen. Unfortunately, people will often keep asking me the same questions (just worded differently), but my answer is always the same. And, eventually, I quit talking altogether. Unfortunately, it often takes a person several failures after attempting trying it their way, or any other way, before they listen. And some will never ever even attempt to do it right at all.

Do you find yourself asking everyone their opinion about fitness? Do you find yourself hearing the same thing over and over? Maybe someone’s trying to tell you something – and maybe, this time you should do more than just listen.

Fat To Fit

Steve Fit to Fat2When Steve had to lose his weight for the A&E show, Fit To Fat To Fit, he didn’t use gimmicks or tricks, he used pure science. He didn’t even really use many supplements. He followed the same principles he teaches clients. It wasn’t easy, but it works every time!

“There were no surprises. Fitness works because it’s just based on science. People don’t lack new or different workouts. They lack consistency and commitment. While I do a lot of creative workouts, I just do that to keep things fresh and fun, not because they are necessarily more effective. I just want them to keep coming back – so if we have to add square dancing into the regimen, I’ll add square dancing into the regimen – and if you see me dance, you’d know that would be a very surprising workout. Lol.

For some, staying on track will prove to be harder than others, depending on environment, enabling, discipline, commitment, encouragement, accountability, knowledge and hope. Genetics and metabolism play a part too, but only second to excuses.” Steve Pfiester

5 Reasons Why the Right Message Got the Wrong Result

1. Maybe you heard wrong. OK, so maybe you heard the truth, but you interpreted it incorrectly. Make it a mission to not just hear but fully understand diet and fitness. (CLICK HERE to get my Get Pfit handbook for diet and fitness basics).

2. Maybe you didn’t follow the instructions. Some people abandon a fitness program or diet plan simply because they didn’t follow the instructions. You have to be honest with yourself. Did you follow the instructions to a T? Did you follow the instructions long enough to get the results you wanted? Chances are, the instructions were right but they weren’t followed correctly.

3. Maybe you weren’t ready. I can’t explain why someone tries something a million times and suddenly it works except that maybe they just weren’t fully ready. Some people aren’t quite miserable enough to embrace a real change. Some people allow their priorities to be out of order and put other things before their health. Some people are just as stubborn as Pharaoh and simply prefer to go through the struggle. Not me! You would have lost me at the plague of frogs! lol

4. Maybe circumstances got in the way. Life happens. We get in survival mode and abandon things that are important. The first to go seems to be our health or even going to church, when those should remain priorities even through the tough times. If something got in the way last time you tried to succeed, forget about it. Forgive yourself and just start fresh. Even if you have to start over a million times, never give up.

5. Maybe what you thought was the right message was actually wrong.  Not every trainer or fitness enthusiast is on target. Just like there are some “false prophets” or pastors that are off track, there are fitness leaders who also aren’t speaking truths. If the message you’ve been told sounds too good to be true, maybe you need to check your source. In the spiritual world, we check someone’s teaching against the Bible (and Bible scholars) to make sure it lines up or does not contradict scripture. For fitness, we should check it against text books and people who are well educated. The same way your faith can’t depend on someone else’s knowledge or experience (it has to be your own), your health and fitness can’t solely depend on other people’s knowledge. It’s up to you to get the education and experience you need to make better choices.

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