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Fat To Fit on TV – #DiscoverYourFirsts with Polar

It’s easy to think the older we get, seemingly the less “firsts” we experience. However, I say, “contraire mon Frère”! Experiencing or conquering something new is only limited by our finances, fears and imaginations.

I don’t want to live on that Island called “Someday Isle”. I want to push the limits, live on the edge and discover why the signs were posted. The world is constantly telling you what not to do. No running, no fishing, no crossing, no u-turn, no wake, no checks, no loitering, no skating, no screaming, no parking and, my all time favorite, do not open or the alarm will sound…. Hmmm. Really?

Or better yet, there are signs that have the audacity to dictate what you must do. You must “wear shoes and a shirt” but, evidently, no pants is ok? How about “order here”, “smoke here” (not there), “cash only” , “men only”, “women only”, “must be 18”, “quiet”, “no photos”, “no flash”, “no videos” and even “no selfie sticks” at Disney (frowny face). Do this, do that.

We even have signs that just make you roll your eyes like this warning symbol on the kiddie pool directions. Really? I HAD to document that! Am I the only one that thinks that is hilarious?

There’s “wet paint”, “high voltage”, “falling rock (by a rocky cliff, no surprise there), “wildlife crossing” (how did the elk cross the road? lol), caution slippery when wet (duh), or don’t feed the bears (you don’t have to tell me twice!). Seriously? Some make since and some don’t. How about “flood zone” (in a desert), “trucks entering highway” (isn’t that what it is for?) and, again, one of my fav’s, “enter at your own risk” I am definitely willing to take that risk.

I am fully aware that signs and rules are provided to keep people safe and to help communicate and caution us to stay vigilant. I am also fully aware that never questioning these signs and living like a drone in a box can eventually be like not living at all.

I’ve put my finger in wet paint, just to see if it was still wet. I’ve parked for 90 minutes in 1 hour spot, I golfed in jeans and I have gone bare foot into 7/11 (I’ll never do that again). My point is, I’m not afraid to live on the edge. I want to experience more firsts. I want to push the limits of this life so when my Maker calls me home, Jesus and I have some interesting things to talk about (but I want to do it safely as possible of course).

I have never been one to color inside the lines. I am definitely a “rules guy” in many ways – until I see a rule that needs a “Stevendment”. The older I get, I have to use my imagination even more to find ways to explore new firsts AND stay out of the pokey.

There’s a First For Everything

SKYDIVING I have had many FIRSTS. I’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities to do some very unique things and even compete in some very unique competitions. Looking back through my life, I realized I had a few things on my bucket list that would be easy and fun to strike off, and probably wouldn’t kill me.

Skydiving – check
Bungee Jumping –check
Bodybuilding –check
Dancing Lessons – check
Learn to fight – check
Be on TV – check
Build a car – check
Ride a motorcycle, pet a bear, get married, buy a house, and on and on …check, check, check, check.

You can fill in your own blanks. But, my next “FIRST” was not going to be something I had never dreamed about. As a matter of fact, it’s something I tried to avoid at all cost.

Fat_bastard“I Want To Get Fat” Said No One Ever

Just this last year I had an opportunity to do something new. It is something that was never on my bucket list. I had to get fat – and to gain as much weigh as I possibly could in 4 months. Well, there’s a first for everything – even a first time to be fat.

This project was offered as a documentary for A&E. This was, bar none, one of the hardest things I have ever attempted to do, both psychologically and physically. This challenge would push the limits of who I was on the inside, as I began to change on the outside. What a ride.

Fit to Fat to FitI learned so much about myself as well as about what it feels like to be obese and sedentary. I also realized how that type of lifestyle can limit your imagination in regards to dreaming of new firsts. After I gained the weight, but before I could even think about doing something new, I had to get the weight off and get back into shape. After four long months of gaining weight and being sedentary I found it challenging to stay motivated to get fit again. Missing the food, and feeling fat and fatigued, it became a challenge to relearn “fitness”.

While I can’t tell you too much about the journey until the show airs (no spoilers!), I can tell you it was packed with “FIRSTS“. At FIRST, I couldn’t even lift weights because just going to work was so overwhelming. My plan of action was to watch my diet, lift light weights and track my activity. Just having the accountability of a fitness tracker and watching my heart rate during my training was a huge confidence builder. The Polar A360 fitness tracker has just recently added a lot of accountability to my day when I may otherwise have thrown in the towel.

polar A360Having an activity tracker and a heart rate monitor, all in one, is an amazing help. It has now been about 6 months since I began to try losing weight and getting fit again. I am now trying out the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with heart rate monitor to fine tune this process of regaining a fit lifestyle. It is amazing how pushing your limits can open up a lot of doors to experiencing more FIRSTS.

Part of the rigorous training to regain a fit lifestyle was to do even more FIRSTS (which will be revealed in the show which will begin airing January 12th 9/10c. I would have never experience this had I not FIRST committed to the A&E project of gaining weight.

I would suggest the A360 for any weekend warrior or anyone who has been sedentary and is ready to #DISCOVERYOURFIRSTS in fitness. We have all heard in order to get fit we need to move more and eat less. The A360 may not be able to sew my mouth shut, but it definitely motivates me to move more – and it lets me know at a glance if I am kicking butt or getting kicked.

Polar-A360-Fitness-Tracker1Whatever your personality type, whatever your limitations, look fear in the face and live on the edge. Do something new today, make a difference. Go out and #DISCOVERYOURFIRSTS – and share them with the world. You never know who you’ll inspire!

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Discover My Firsts on A&E

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