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PRODUCT REVIEW: Syn Matrix, Low-Cal Post Workout

steve pfiesterProduct Review: Champion Nutrition Syn Matrix
By: Steve Pfiester,
avid fitness enthusiast, trainer, expert.

I get to try a LOT of products. Companies ship us more stuff than we can even attempt to try. I was actually looking for a new post workout supplement, so this was one of those products I was super excited to try. Here’s the post workout 25-calorie “scoop”! 

My background is probably more clinical than most, and sometimes this allows me to have a different perspective on fitness and nutrition than others. My fitness journey began in high school as a wrestler with a lot to prove. I began researching strength and conditioning, and reading articles on nutrition. With a better understanding of exercise science, I quickly began to improve in many aspects of the sport, but moreover I became very fit when compared to my classmates.

Realizing education proved to be powerful when applied to training, I continued being a sponge for knowledge in the area of fitness and nutrition. After 5 years of an undergrad in exercise/nutrition at FSU, I continued on to finish a degree in physical therapy at FAMU. I believe that my education coupled with 30 years of experience in strength and conditioning training allows me to at least speak my mind on various aspects regarding fitness.

The Power of Rest & Recovery

sleepingOne of the most powerful and overlooked disciplines in strength training is mere rest. Rest and recovery are pivotal when it comes to performance, or aesthetic changes on our bodies. What finally manifests itself on the field, in the gym or in the mirror, actually starts out on a cellular level.

I believe anyone who trains understands the concept of “over reaching” or “overtraining” in order to fatigue a muscle cause adaptation. Overwhelming a muscle group is only the beginning and probably the most rudimentary piece of this puzzle. Breaking the muscle down is almost the fun part.

What do we do to make sure our ruthless training wasn’t on vein? Plant a seed in some dry infertile ground and see what happens. Nothing happens. Now plant a seed in fertile moist ground, and continue to water that seed and nurture it with the right nutrients, add a little sunlight and watch it grow. Our skeletal muscle can be much the same. We can train till the cows come home, but if we don’t rest and nurture our investment, It will not grow.

The Test

I couldn’t have been introduced to Syn Matrix at a better time. I am currently involved in a documentary that exposes the challenges of trying to get fit from the vantage point of an obese and sedentary individual. To put myself in the literal skin of an out-of-shape person, I quit all physical activity and training for over four months. As I return back to fit, I’m realizing the peril and struggle of trying to train and eat right. This journey is taking a physical and mental toll on me as I struggle to become active again. The hardest challenge is the immense cardio and training on so few calories. I can feel my body struggling to keep up.

Syn MatrixI have been taking Syn Matrix for over 3 weeks now and I feel it is making a BIG difference. Dieting and training at the same time can retard strength gains and I know this low calorie supplement allows me to maximize nutrients I need for recovery without extra calories of foods that may not hurt me, but may not be beneficial either. Beyond optimizing muscle repair, Syn Matrix utilizes amino acids that specifically maximize our metabolism to burn more fat, and may help as an antioxidant helping to fight free radicals in our body.

If you are looking to maximize your recovery and harness all the “goody” out of your training regimen without putting all the calories back in your belly you just killed yourself to purge, then I think Syn Matrix is the shizzle. I know I have felt and seen the benefits of faster recovery, less soreness, and increase in energy and metabolism. Great timing @TeamChampion. That’s how I #SaveMyCalories.

Product Review Summary:

Champion Syn Matrix 1. This is absolutely THE BEST tasting supplement I’ve ever tasted – pre or post workout PERIOD!

2. I love that it’s only 25 calories per serving!

3. I feel I’m getting as much nutrition in 25 calories of Syn Matrix as I got in my old 250-calorie shake.

4. I’m experiencing faster recovery since taking Syn Matrix.

5. It’s helping me gain muscle while losing loads of fat!

Champion, Syn Matrix Post workout


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Champion Nutrition.


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