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Get Your Weight Loss Breakthrough: 7 Ways to Speed Results

woman_scale_happyAre you waiting on a weight loss breakthrough? Are you constantly in search for the newest training method, latest supplement, best trainer or fitness trend? Are you looking for an easier way to lose weight and get fit? Do you see other people who seem to get results and constantly wonder what they are doing, and want to try their way too?

Let me save you loads of trouble. Not to say you shouldn’t explore other training methods and learn more about nutrition – you SHOULD! However, you need to be careful about trying to search for an answer you have already received, search for truth you’ve already heard, and search for the best advice that you’ve already been told.

I’d like to take you on a journey back in time in order to make my point because I feel this same type of story happens in fitness all the time. People are searching for an answer, not liking the answer they get, and they keep searching – only to delay results because they are delaying in their obedience.

I’m talking about Moses and Pharaoh and the plagues (click here to read the whole story). It’s a perfect example of rebellion – and I think we often become rebellious in our fitness journey too. We rebel against the diet, rebel against the workouts, we rebel against our trainer …and when it’s all said and done, we blame everyone else but our own rebellious self when we are plagued with guilt, poor health and unfavorable results. Isn’t it time you end the vicious cycle?

7 Ways to Speed Up Fitness Results:

!. Don’t Wait to Learn the Hard Way

learn the hard wayWith Moses, his message to Pharaoh was “let the people free”. With each plague that followed when Pharaoh didn’t obey, Moses returned with the same message “let the people free’. JIm Gallagher, our pastor, reminded us this week that after God has already told you something, He’s not going to keep speaking to you if you keep ignoring him. He’s not going to give you a different message. He’s not going to change His mind. He’s not going to go against His word. So, we need to quit looking for ways around things. We need to quit looking for compromises.

Sadly, this is often the case with our own clients occasionally. Granted, I’m way less patient than God, eventually there comes a point when I have to quit investing in people who won’t listen. Unfortunately, people will often keep asking me the same questions (just worded differently), but my answer is always the same. And, eventually, I quit talking altogether. Unfortunately, it often takes a person several failures after attempting trying it their way, or any other way, before they listen. And some will never ever even attempt to do it right at all.

Do you find yourself asking everyone their opinion about fitness? Do you find yourself hearing the same thing over and over? Maybe someone’s trying to tell you something.

2. Accept the Truth

Girl_Not_ListeningSo many people struggle with what they think is a “lack of direction”, but it is oftentimes more about the struggle they have with responding appropriately to the direction they’ve received.

How often do we refuse to accept the truth? Fitness is based on truths, not opinions. We can have opinions about fitness all day long, but in the end, results are based on proven scientific truths. You can keep asking for information, but it’s likely you’ve already heard the right information but just didn’t want to accept it, or haven’t been willing to apply it.

In the story of Moses and Pharaoh, Pharaoh got direction but simply didn’t want to follow it. As a result, he went through a LOT of trials trying to do things his way.

3. Avoid Selective Hearing

selective hearingSome of us have selective hearing. We hear what we want to hear and mysteriously miss the rest. The same way we sure hear all the promises (like when a trainer promises you “can get stronger” or when scripture says, “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me”, we also ignore all the specific correction or guidelines that lead up to that reward (like “eat less” or “deny your flesh”). Oh no! THAT, we don’t hear.

Even Pharaoh got to a place where he was willing to compromise (which is basically picking and choosing what he was willing, and not willing to hear and do. But, he wanted the same results. Are you doing everything you know you should be doing, or only the stuff you are willing to do (and pretending to not hear the other stuff?

Definition of Compromise: Accept standards that are lower than is desirable.

What are you holding on to that’s causing you to possibly compromise? If you compromise (lowering your standards of) your actions, you are compromising (lowering your standards of) your results.

4. Quit Procrastinating

funny frog faceThe funniest thing ever (to me) is that after the plague of frogs came and Pharaoh actually entertained obeying God, but he said “tomorrow”. Really? He wanted one more day of sleeping with, eating with, and stepping on frogs? This makes me wonder what is in my life that I’m saying “tomorrow” about.

What is in our pantry that we are refusing to let go? What belief system are we refusing to change? What habit or part of our lifestyle are we holding on to? What does God keep telling us over and over that we may not be doing or that we may need to start doing? Do we really want to sleep with the frogs one more night?

5. Be Honest with Yourself

One of the issues with a lack of obedience or “following a plan” is not being honest with yourself. I love how Pharaoh said (after, mind you, he’s experienced the SEVENTH plague because of his disobedience), “I have sinned this time.” (Exodus 9:27) This statement cracks me up! But, we hear this all the time in the gym.

A client will say “I totally messed up this week” – when the reality is, they’ve been messing up like crazy, but they won’t either be honest with themselves or they aren’t willing to be honest with us. Some people actually may not really know just how bad they are messing up because they aren’t even willing to accept it MAY be their fault.

The truth really will set you free. If you aren’t getting the results you want, are you willing to accept maybe it’s something you are missing, or doing wrong? What are you hiding from others, and maybe even yourself?

6. Stop pointing the finger

blame your trainerI have to laugh at how Pharaoh’s people saw Moses as the issue, not himself, saying ““How long shall this man be a snare to us?” (Exodus 10:7). How funny is this?! Moses wasn’t the problem. He was just the messenger. The problem lay within the people who were ignoring the messenger.

Are you ignoring the messenger? Are you hearing what your trainer is saying? If you aren’t getting results, it’s not their fault. The are just a messenger. You are responsible with how you respond.

If you are still plagued with weight issues, don’t look for the message to change, look at what YOU can change.

7. Back to plan A

plan aMany people are searching for a Plan B – a different route to the same destination because they refuse to take the Plan A route (even if Plan A will take you there faster). They are looking for a prettier route, a more fun route, an easier route – but Plan B is deceiving. That route has too many distractions, it will only delay your arrival.

For Pharaoh, he wanted a Plan B. He wanted to figure out a way to please God and himself. Ironically, doing it Pharaoh’s way was clearly not working. It was time to submit to God’s plan, but he wasn’t having it.

When it comes to fitness, Plan A is the scientific right way based on basic truths. Eat less, do more. Eat clean, avoid junk. Work hard, but don’t rely on hard work to erase your mistakes in the kitchen. Make correct and healthy decisions 7 days a week, not 4, 5 or 6. Make a lasting change, which requires a lasting change. This is a lifestyle, not a season. It take discipline, it takes work, it take perseverance, it takes determination, it takes surrender. And, it will all be worth it.

The sooner you submit and take the right path, the sooner you will reach your destination. The sooner you will live without the plague of unhealthiness in your life, the plague of sickness, the plague of weakness, the plague of no energy, the plague of discouragement. You will finally be set free. But in order to be set free, you have to, like Pharaoh, be willing to set your pride aside, put your rights aside, soften your heart and mind, and submit.

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