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Compression Leggings That Make You Look and Feel Amazing

I have been on the prowl for some really cool crazy-fun leggings, but some of the coolest designs have the poorest quality. Some leggings may look great as long as you are not moving, but as soon as you start to workout, you discover problems.

Common complaints with poorly made leggings:

see though leggings  • Leggings aren’t made for performance

  • Thin material doesn’t support the body

  • Material loses color as it’s stretches

  • Material becomes transparent as it stretches

  • Material snags easily

  • Material doesn’t stay put when you move

  • Color fades after washing

  • Material absorbs sweat and odor

Just Live’s leggings give you everything you need:

just live brand   • Compression technology enhances circulation and oxygen flow, reducing muscle recovery time

   • Skintight compression fabric supports your body, giving you a lifted and tone appearance

   • Lightweight vibrant fabric offers designs with color that lasts

   • High-quality fabric is dense in color, even as you bend

   • LIke a second skin, Just Live’s material stays put while you squat, run, lift and stretch

   • Quick dry fabric is breathable, stain resistant material that deters odor, wicks moisture and increases evaporation

   • UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) Protective layer protects your body from the sun’s UV rays.

Fabric Blend: 73% Cationic Polyester Sorbtek and 27% Spandex Available in: Kailani Blue, Tropical Daisy, Rainbow Wave, Abstract Black and Gray Spectrum.JUST LIVE BRAND

JUST LIVE BRANDGet a Pair…or Two!

I should tell you I’m not getting paid to tell you how much I like these leggings. I’m not getting commission or one dollar from writing this post. They were too kind to send me some to try and I just genuinely really LOVED them and wanted to share my find with you. AND, I totally plan on getting more! I asked them if they had any discounts going on, or could offer a discount to you guys, and they told me about this kickstarter campaign they are doing to get in the national market and continue to grow. If you want to buy some leggings, you can support them on kickstarter and get product for a great deal – like these leggings for $60 instead of their normal price of $79.00!! (And trust me, they are worth it!)

To browse their merchandise or shop online visit

Deal of the Day

They have a lot of cool rewards for pledging but these are my 2 favorites!

Pledge $125 or more and you GET 2 OUTFITS!! and become a true Just Live brand ambassador. This includes:

  • 1 Pair of Power Through Tights
  • 1 Pair of Race Time Capris
  • 2 Just Live Performance T-Shirts
  • Just Live Branded Stickers
  • Personalized Thank You
  • Website Recognition

OR pledge $60 you can get one pair of high-performance “Power Through Tights” in the color of your choice. You will also receive the stickers, email and website recognition. 🙂

Follow Just Live on social media at @JustLiveBrand. 

See Just Live in Action!

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  • Susan Amussen

    Never tried Just Live leggings, but I am more of a nylon spandex fan because it’s so much softer. Price range for prints is good though… Just out of curiosity, and maybe you can’t answer this, but how do they compare to leggings from ? I’ve been purchasing from there a lot lately, and i’m curious if these are a similar fit?

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