Extreme Pacer Upper Body Workout

metronome workoutHave you ever noticed how we want to do some exercises fast and some slow? For instance, I am prone to do bicycle crunches and push ups really fast, but a little slower to do squats. It’s actually harder to do some exercises slow (like push ups). Holding that lowered position for a longer time is tough! Well, this workout is made to FORCE you to do each exercise at 3 different paces – extremely slow, medium and then very fast.

First, download the metronome app. Then set the metronome to 45 beats per minute (bpm). It will be SUUUUUPER slow. Begin the first couplet of exercises, which is thrusters and mountain climbers (thrusters is a squat and a shoulder press). With each beep, you will begin or end the movement. Your thrusters, for instance, will be in the squat position for the first beep, then in the fully extended standing position, holding the weight above head until it beeps to tell you to move back to the squat. (So it’s squat and HOLD, then stand/press and HOLD, only moving at the beep.)

Once you complete 30 seconds of each exercise in that first couplet, you’ll move to the 2nd set and do the next pace, which is 90bpm. Then you will end with the rapid 135bpm.

Since the first pace is super slow, concentrate on perfect form. The medium pace will be more like a comfortable pace for you, and should also be performed with good form. The final fast pace will be difficult to perform in full range of motion, so it will be likely half the movement (like a pulse).

Be sure to stick to the beat! It should almost feel robotic. Up, down, up, down. Push, pull, push, pull. NO rest in between, other than to just adjust the pace for the next set. Have fun!

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