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IsoPure: Low-Cal, Low Carb, High Protein

steve pfiester This year, Bonnie and I merged our blog site together with a new focus – fitness, food and faith. Together, we share our life. We share our victories and our failures. We share our life lessons (learned both the easy way and hard way), fitness tips, favorite recipes, workouts, marriage, helpful products, motivation, encouragement and important information we feel will help you reach your goals. Occasionally, she lets me put in my 2 cents. lol! This is one of those times!

I realize many people reading this blog may not have even been around in 1984. Though I may not tell you my age, let it suffice that I was very alive. Arguably, not a completely productive member of society (as you can see here in this picture!!), however I was a freshman in high school.

Madonna was crushing the charts with “Like a Virgin”, the space shuttle Challenger was orbiting the earth, Ronald Reagan was President and the movie “Footloose” was a huge hit. But to a pubescent high school kid, the only thing I could think of, even at that age, was getting swole. That’s right… pumping iron.

arnold_schwarzeneggerI had just joined the wrestling team, had my first kiss, and bought my first Miami Vice jacket. This quest for muscle and girls quickly fostered and interest into nutrition – and reading the magazines bragging of the huge bodybyuiliders of the 80’s. Guys like Chris Dickerson, Tom Platz, Sergio Oliva, and Lee Haney were the real live incredible hulks – and all of us boys wanted to know what was #Behindthemuscle .

Despite Reagan, and Madonna, and who cared about some cute kids dancing in a barn, what mattered most in 1984 was what Hal and Ernie did with a cement mixer in the name of science. Nature’s Best (the makers of IsoPure) was born. Oh the scandalous world of protein that still exists some 30 years later.

Even as a 14 year old I knew better than to assume that all protein was created equal. Truth be known, as soon as I got my first job I spent tons of money on all kinds of supplements. Whatever the “magazines” said, I took as scripture. I couldn’t have been more wrong. As these companies began to be regulated it was amazing how many were at fault for false claims, either about the efficacy, filtration process, quality or even the amounts of their claims of protein and results they could produce. Even in the 80’s there was a clear battle for reputable and effective protein that would bring a high school student, making $3.35 an hour at Burger King flipping burgers to spend his entire paycheck just to gain a pound or two of muscle.

Isopure Behind the Muscle

Fast forward 30 years, and Nature’s Best IsoPure‘s Whey Protein Isolate is still one of the most effective and coveted proteins on the market. Nature’s Best never sold out their principals, promising you steroid like results. They rely on the science of what quality protein provides for your body as it relates to lean mass and health.

isopure proteinThey have some products that aid in enhancing performance by adding some electrolytes and adding BCAA’s to a profile that will help more elite training, and Nature’s Best still provides whey isolate that is pure and free from any additives. Of course it is up to us, as athletes, to study what products best serve what types of training, as well as learn optimal times to take protein supplements. As we research, we realize the science behind the protein as it relates to filtration methods and efficacy and absorption. Knowing how and when to pair these products to our training and meals is as important as the protein itself.

isopure cocoteinI enjoy the whey isolate with oatmeal in the mornings, or added to my post workout shake. IsoPure allows for me to be able to control the additives and limit unwanted calories or supplements in my foods. One of the best tasting Isopure products on the market is the “Cocotein” coconut water 100% whey isololate. 100 calories for 20 grms of whey protein. Does it get any better than this?

If not in my oatmeal or shake, the isolate powder is versatile enough to add to an omelet or any pancake mix allowing me to adjust the protein ratios of almost any foods. I’m not just bragging about Isopure, I have been a customer for over 20 years and have never been disappointed, except when I am running low on supplies and have to rely on a less than reputable supplement. If I am not going to compromise my workouts, I want a supplement that isn’t going to compromise quality. Thanks again Hal and Ernie!! Great job, from a loyal customer.

steve pfiester bodybuilding– Steve P

IsoPure Facts:

  • 100% pure ion exchange whey protein isolate
  • 50gm protein per 2 scoops
  • No impurities
  • Completely lactose-free
  • Low calorie
  • Little or no fat
  • Little or no carbs
  • highest absorption rates
  • Clean tasting
  • Refreshing RTD (Ready To Drink) formulas


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Isopure.

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