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Be A Finisher This Year

dreamer vs workerQuote of the Day: “There are dreamers who don’t work and there are workers who don’t dream. dream • work • succeed” Joyce Meyer

Scripture of the Day: “I have finished the work which You have given Me to do.” John 17:4

Do you have a finisher’s heart?

I was listening to Joyce Meyer while I was on cardio and she said some super powerful stuff that went perfectly with the New Year theme this month. She asked “Do you have a finisher’s heart?“. Anyone can start, but not everyone has the heart to finish. They dream, but they don’t work. Then, she followed up with a killer analogy, comparing child birth to birthing something new in your life.

labor painsYou can’t give birth without labor – unless you want to be cut on, and that’s no fun either. The bottom line is there is a cost. There will be some work required. You can dream of having kids, you can even conceive (start), but if you don’t endure the 9 months of carrying that baby and go through labor (good choice of words!), you aren’t going to experience holding that beautiful new life in your hands.

Labor is required. It’s not a choice. You can’t dream of being fit and thin without being willing to sacrifice for however many weeks or months it requires to experience a new life. Are you willing to carry that dream full term? Are you willing to have some occasional growing pains? Are you willing to practice patience until your dream is fully developed? Are you willing to give up certain things along the way, making sacrifices for something new and great?


Decide now to be a finisher (John 17:4). Decide now to carry this thing out full-term. Don’t abort your plans in the middle of your journey. Go the distance. It will be so worth it.

Dream, Work and Succeed.

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