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I’m Getting a Pface Lift

PfitBlog.comDid I get your attention?! A facelift IS happening, but NOT on my body – on my blog!! got a new look, and is still going through a little nip and tucks. It will now be the main hub for workouts, fitness tips, recipes, diet tips, product reviews and fitness news for both Steve and I. No more or No more PfitBlog is the one-stop shop!

During the transition, you might have missed a blog or two, since it took a while for my subscribers to get moved over. So, after you read this update, check out some of my recent posts – especially my new Christmas Gift Guide and my Fivesse Gym Bag GIVE-A-WAY on my Tips to Finding the Perfect Gym Bag blog!! Visit all the tabs and look around to see how the site is laid out. Again, things will continue to change, but I wanted to give you all a formal update. So much great stuff to come!!!

Pfitness • Pfood • Pfaith

Pfitness Pfood PfaithAs we were planning our merge, I began to think about what we really are passionate about. The answer: fitness, food and faith. In order to be complete, and truly healthy, I believe you must have all three in check.

Your fitness can only be so strong if you are not fueling your body properly. You can eat right, but not be fit enough to save yourself in an emergency situation if you don’t purposefully exercise. Lastly, you can be fit as a fiddle, but if you are spiritually dead and hopeless, your physical body will be quickly destroyed by your defeated and tired spirit.

As we approach a new year, we both look forward to helping more people than ever, so each of you can become the best you possible – inside and out!!

What’s up with the “P”?

wedding pictureWhen I was single, my maiden name was easy. It was Talley. It never once got mispronounced. I was Bonnie Talley from Tallahassee, Florida and (at one time) I actually lived in Talla Villa Appartments! ha! How easy was that? Then Steve came along and had the gall to make him fall in love with me and my name changed to Pfiester.

One advantage to having a challenging name is you know who the telemarketers are because I get every pronunciation possible – from Pfeeyster, to P-Fister! lol! But, the downside is, no one seems to know how to spell it, say it or to know what in the world to do what that random “P”.

Pfiester is German, so if we lived in Germany, we’d be Ok! They have “Pf”s all over the place! Ha! Germans say “Apfel” for “apple”, “Pfeffer” for “pepper” and “Pflaume” for “plum”!

Say My Name, Say My Name… (sing with me!)

"Pf": Silent "P"
Pfiester is pronounced: “Feeeeester“,

or as Webster would say /’fēster/. The “P” is just silent.

Why so much “Pf”s every where? One day, I decided to play up the “Pf” in everything that started with a “F” with “Pf” to help people know how to say our name and to put a personal Pfiester touch on our fitness business. That’s when PfitBlog was born. So in case you were one of those people who always wondered what the P stood for, it stands for nothing (lol), but just a little creative Pfun! 🙂


Meet the Pfiesters

Not sure who the heck we are? Well, here’s a little video clip introducing ourselves, and showing you what we do.

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.

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