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31 Days of Motivation: Better Than Chocolate

Crave your goals more

SUPERWOMANWe all have a favorite food we seem powerless around. Some people crave sweets, others (like me) crave salty snacks. If you want to see me struggle, just put a bowl of chips and salsa in front of me. It’s my kryptonite. I will shrivel up into a ball and lose all my super powers. OK, not really, but you get the point.

If you want results this year, you need to STOP obsessing over your kryptonite, and START obsessing over the super powers you will get as soon as you get away from it. If you think you can’t live without your nightly ice cream, you should be more stressed out about living one more night not feeling your best, your strongest, your fittest, your healthiest. That, my friend, is actually something worth worrying about.

Think about living one more day in tight fitting jeans. Think about living one more day, out of shape and out of breath. Think about giving up a healthy heart, a long life, and spending time feeling your best playing with your grandkids. THAT, my friends, is what you are GIVING UP every time you GIVE IN – and THAT is some scary stuff!

Are you giving your kryptonite too much power?


Make a list of the things you are giving up (the future, healthier you), if you don’t give up the things you need to reach your goals.



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  • Vero Beach Fitness Help

    No one is killing people with their car from eating sugar, no one is robbing stores to get the newest Oreo. You can’t compare those two. I am not trying to be negative but people should not feel that they need to suffer/sacrifice to win. If someone has a legit problem with food addiction then they need to see a real professional not information from a blog. I agree with a lot of what Bonnie has to say, but I can’t agree with unnesccary restriction when we know it doesn’t work and can be unhealthy.

    I wish everyone for a great 2014 and great luck on their goals no matter how big or small (small progress leads to big changes). Here is a nice blog post on someone’s path through restriction


  • Kat Farres

    You wouldn’t hand a beer to an alcoholic, so why would I allow sugar in my house?? same theory πŸ™‚ back from a veryyyyyyyyy brisk 5 mile walk with the Beastwalkers, Kansas is cold but we got out anyhow and got it done πŸ™‚

  • Vero Beach Fitness Help

    Have you ever tried learning that you can still be healthy and get results by eating so called “sweets” or “dirty” foods. And that restriction almost never works and leads to guilt and binge eating.

    Knowledge is power

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      I eat sweets or so-called dirty food. I enjoy plenty of treats (within reason and in good portions while in maintenance) HOWEVER, there are some things i avoid when I’m actively trying to lose weight because I know myself too well. If this doesn’t apply to you and you don’t have kryptonite, that’s awesome! I’m not that strong.

      Not everyone can control themselves around certain foods. Just because you (or I) have no problem having a gallon of ice cream in the freezer, doesn’t mean other people can keep one in their freezer. Steve can’t have stuff like that in the house when he’s prepping for a bodybuilding show, for instance. I could keep it for months and just taste a bite here and there. Yet, don’t put me near chips and salsa – I’ll want to have 4 bowls!

      The key to success is not one blanket statement for everyone. My point of today’s blog is for the people who are SLAVES to their cravings, who are missing out on the benefits of healthy living and losing weight because of their bondage to cravings. It’s to encourage them to focus on their goals, not what they are missing (even if what they are missing is one less glass of wine at night). Sometimes you have to give up something to get something better. Whether giving up means giving something up completely, or giving up means eating less of it, there is some restraint required. That applies to every area of life.

      Everyone just needs to focus on their own needs and issues, and make adjustments that fit their lifestyle and personality. Some may think some people are hardcore, and others loosey-goosey, but if they are getting results and are happy and healthy, then we can’t judge. They are doing what they need to do to reach and maintain their goals.

      Also, I think it would be great if you posted your photo and ID with your Vero Helps pages so people can see what you’ve achieved and who’s talking.

      • Vero Beach Fitness Help

        I agree with what you said right there (except the giving up completely part), your talking about a less restrictive way a more flexible way. Why don’t your blog post portray that?

        The only thing I see that becomes a problem is the people who see mantras like ” I used to crave chocolate, now I crave results”, they get this idea that foods like that are mutually exclusive with results but thats false. Then people abstain from their cravings and its on their mind week in and out and eventually they give in and its usually a unhealthy binge thats leads to unhealthy guilt and the cycle repeats it self. Balance/moderation along with knowledge I feel is what people need to be hearing, not phrases that perpetuate their orthorexia eating habits. Thats just my opinion. I feel like you really want to help people (you probably do) and that is why I give my opinion, to see it from a different view.

        Also I may do that at some point but I do not see the reasoning for it since my goal with my page is just to put out information that people may not see (and could benefit from seeing) its not about me or what I have achieved.

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