31 Days of Motivation: Don’t Erase Your Hard Work

don't erase your hard work

Most people fail, not because they aren’t working hard enough in the gym, but because they aren’t working hard enough in the kitchen. They blow 5 days of sweat and tears on snacks and cheat meals. Even people who are eating healthy, still can eat too much.

Start becoming protective over your hard work in the gym. It comes with a cost – they are called calories. We burn them in the gym, and we need to protect that investment and prevent replacing them with irresponsible eating.

If you are trying to lose weight, commit to counting every single calorie you eat this weekend, even if you’ve never counted calories before. Before it goes in your mouth, look it up and add it up. Once you know the real cost of food, you will begin to budget your eating better and see the results you want! Have a great weekend everyone! More motivation tomorrow!!


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  2. Denese Depeza

    Just started my journey today and so needed this message.

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      Awesome! So glad!

  3. Kat Farres

    I’ll be sharing…….as I tell folks ALL the time ‘dibs and dabs DO count up’…..that lick here, that nibble there…..one reason I tape the lid on the crock pot of whatever I have going. To keep ME and the hubby ‘honest’…..almost got our 5 mile route back after the snow, still a few spots we have to avoid. But we made up a new route til then :)

  4. Tiffany

    Thanks Bonnie I needed this today!

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