31 Days of Motivation: Fight For Your Life (no one else will)

I'm worth the fightWhen you are working toward a goal, like losing weight and getting fit, there will be many days you will be tempted to quit – even if it is just for the day, or just for that week. There are many times where your mind will convince you that you deserve a break, next week will be better, it’s too late, it’s too hard, your diet is too strict, your schedule is too busy, your body is too tired, and you are just being too vain. All these things are lies.┬áSadly, we listen to those lies and will quit – even if it’s just going off the diet for a cheat meal or not finishing up the week’s workouts. We quit, and we enjoy it …for a time.

There is a temporary peace in not trying, quitting, running away and giving up. But that’s just because you aren’t fighting anymore. Fighting for what we want is work, giving up is easy. If we quit, we beat ourselves up. Either way, we are going to endure some punches. We can either fight for what we want and deal with the battle scars along the way, or we can quit and plan on self-inflicted pain.

run awaySomeone once told me that when someone leaves their spouse, there is a temporary peace (or relief) because they are away from what they perceive to be the problem. But what they don’t realize is they can’t run from themselves, and 9 times out of 10, that person is part of that problem. So they have 2 choices: they can tackle the problem right then with the spouse, or put it off for a while and end up having to face the same problem with the next person. Either way, it’s going to raise it’s ugly head and they are going to have to face the problem again – unless, of course, they just want to go through marriages like they go through underwear to constantly avoid every fixing anything.

The same goes with our fight with fat. We can either tackle it now, or we can tackle it later. The great thing is, if you can fix it now you can live free, proud and happier than a person who is running from the problem. You surely don’t want to regret waisting years running.

Don’t let the false sense of peace trick you into thinking where you are is not that bad, it’s out of your control, or you just need to give up because it’s just too hard or not worth it. Continue to fight if you know in your heart you are not where you should be. Fight with wild abandon for the life you want. Literally FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE! No one else will.

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  1. Valerie Warfield

    This is so true . I am in a state right now that I love to exercise but I won’t , I want to start but I won’t . I have been asking God what it is why what I do what I know to do and make me feel better in the process. Any suggestions.

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