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Dieters Scream on Halloween: 10 Diet Tricks for Treats

HalloweenCandyBowlIt’s that time of year again (and let all dieters scream)!

If you weren’t a grumpy dieter before Halloween, being around that much candy can turn any dieter into a wicked witch in a hurry. If you aren’t grouchy from being around it, you are grouchy from guilt of giving into it. Either way, with a rise in diet and fitness awareness, it is very likely there will be a lot of witches working front door this Halloween.

If you struggle with your weight here are 10 tips to keep the candy off your thighs and grouchiness out of your heart! <3

  1. photoBuy candy you personally don’t like.
  2. Don’t over buy, to avoid leftovers.
  3. Eat a healthy big meal the night of halloween.
  4. Walk with your kids (don’t drive them),
  5. Look up the calories for every bite you eat.
  6. Have healthy snack alternatives nearby.
  7. Cut up a Designer Whey bar into bite size pieces for your own treats (pictured right).
  8. Chew gum, not candy.
  9. Do an extra cardio, and plan an active day following Halloween.
  10. Set candy rules for everyone in the house, including you.

You know, it also wouldn’t kill you to just give the candy away. One of the biggest problems wives have is feeling like they need to keep treats in the house for their husband or kids. If you are dieting and don’t want to “punish” your family, remember, candy is just not healthy. Even if the rest of your family is not overweight, that still doesn’t mean having candy in the house is good for them. Know your limits, and do what is right for your family too. Some families aren’t tempted to abuse candy in the house, while others…well, not so much.


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  • Kat F

    NON food things for the trick or treaters, should you stay home: stickers, unsharpened pencils, coins, dental floss or small toothpastes (ask dentist if they sell them πŸ™‚ small toys, etc….

  • imarunner2012

    I love that – buy candy you don’t like. and that would be…. When my kids were little I used to love trying all of the different candy bars I never see. I never buy candy, so I enjoyed that week or so after Halloween.
    We bought one bag this year, so we should be safe.

  • Kat F

    I also brought my own meal, very spicy chili πŸ™‚ two days. Fail to plan, plan to fail I hear that ! so I didn’t. I also walked, very briskly as it was cold, and my heater didn’t work the first day, surely burned an extra calorie….weight seems to be OK will know after a couple more days. SHOULD have drank more water…hate public toilets though.

  • Kat F

    I worked an agility trial (doggy obstacle course) this weekend, and, luckily I don’t like chocolate or peanut butter, and avoided the celebration cakes too. We will hand out quarters, IF there are any kids coming by on Howl-o-weenie Night, usually we just take the dogs for a long ride and miss the doorbell barking frenzy.

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