Design Your Shoulders – Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are one of the most shapely muscles on the arm – and my favorite body part to work. Here is my workout I did yesterday. It was awesome!

shoulder workoutLifting Set (with barbell)

12 Shoulder Presses, 45lb bar
12 Shoulder Presses, 55lb

12 Push Presses, 65lb
12 Push Presses, 75lb

10 Split Jerks HEAVIEST, 85lb
Split Jerks HEAVIEST, 95lb (to failure)

Dumbbell Circuit

10 Snatch, 20-25lbs Right (heavy)
10 Snatch, 20-25lbs Left (heavy)
12 Overhead Press, 12-15lb (moderate)
12 Lateral Raises, 5lbs (light)
12 Bent Over Rear Delt Raise 5-10lb (light)

LIFTING SET: 30 seconds to 60 seconds rest between sets for toning and sculpting. Up to 2 minutes if training for power.

DUMBBELL CIRCUIT: No rest between exercises, quick rest between each completed round.

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