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If Your Body Was a House Plant, Would you DIE or THRIVE?

wilted houseplantWe’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” but do you really believe it? I suppose we just don’t make the connection as clearly as we do other things in life.

If you look at plant life, there are several factors that greatly determine a plant’s health including nutrients from water, soil and sunlight. There are clear symptoms when a plant lacks nutrients, but sometimes our symptoms aren’t quite as obvious to us.


watering plantIf only we wilted and turned brown when we needed water, maybe we’d drink more. Instead, our symptoms for dehydration can be a slightly wilted spirit, headaches, sleepiness, dizziness, dry skin, or just being a little thirsty. The problem is, many of these symptoms we chalk up to a hard day at work, stress, age or health issues.

If a plant can go from completely wilted to standing up strong and proud just after getting a little water, think of what it can do for humans. Just because we don’t wilt to the ground doesn’t mean we aren’t in severe need of water.

The more coffee, alcohol and sodas become staple beverages, the less room there is for water. At least bottle water give us a way to take water on the go fashionably. However, many people still have a hard time spending money on the clear tasteless liquid.


Miracle GrowThen there is the issue of food. Although I’ve never seen an obese plant, certain nutrient deficiencies cause plants to change in appearance. In a similar way, our appearance is a reflection of how we are fed.

Like a sick plant, we too can become sick from the foods we eat. Sometimes our body rejects the food, but most often the symptoms are small enough we actually get used to them. Over extended lengths of time of constant abuse, feeling poorly becomes common.

I will never forget my sister’s experience after a couple weeks of eating healthy. She never knew just how awful she felt until she discovered how great eating healthy felt. She simply didn’t know what she was missing.

Even when gaining weight, it’s easy to get used to our new size. Then when we’re finally sick of it, we want results overnight. It would be unfair to expect a few drops of miracle grow to fix a dying plant in a short time so we shouldn’t expect to drizzle a few healthy ingredients in our life and get an instant miracle either.


Peach treeLastly, there is the importance of the right environment. Where I’m from, peach trees were everywhere. However, I know good and well I can’t plant a peach tree in my back hard and expect great things here in South Florida. Honestly, even if I planted an orange tree, I’m not sure how successful I’d be with the soil I have in my yard.

The fact is, just like plants, we can all thrive in the right environment. If we truly want to blossom, we need to plant ourselves in the right gym, and around the right people. Just like a plant needs strong roots, we need strong roots into our fitness community so we can take a hit when a storm comes.

LadyInFlowersBelieve me, I’ve had experience trying to revive a dying plant too many times to count. Once the damage is done, sometimes it can take weeks or months to get the plant healthy again. After years of abuse and neglect we must expect it will take time to reverse the damage.

Like a dying plant, as long as there is a little life in you left, it’s not too late to start taking care of yourself.

Isn’t your time to blossom!

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