The Power of Your Reaction

impossible“The weight is too heavy”
You can give up, or you can keep on trying to lift it until you get stronger.

“I can’t run”
It’s not like everyone can just start running 3 miles, but you can run something. Run for 1 minute, walk for 2. Run until you can’t catch your breath, and walk until you catch it again. See, you CAN run.

“I hate cardio”
Everyone hates stuff they aren’t good at, but the only way to get better is with practice. If you hate something, you probably stink at it – and that’s all the more reason you need to do it more.

“I failed.”
Everyone fails, not everyone keeps trying. The good news is there is no limit to how many times you can keep starting over.

It's not what happens, but your reaction to what happensWhether we are talking about life or talking about fitness, we will all face difficulties. It’s not the difficulty that shapes our future, it’s our response to it. The only difference between someone who fails and someone who succeeds is how they respond to failure because EVERYONE fails.

We fail every day. We fail small, we fail big. No matter the size of our failure, our response can be to give up or persevere. We get mad – or we can get stronger. Anger will not improve anything. Tears will not help. Quitting is an escape. Giving up only masks our weakness so we don’t have to face it every day.

No matter who cuts you off in traffic, no matter how hard your trainer pushes you, no matter how hungry you get if you’re dieting, and no matter how much you doubt if you can succeed, decide today how you plan to react for success – because it’s not what happens to you, but your reaction to what happens to you, that matters most.

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • swederosa

    Excellent sentiments!! Our reaction to all situations can be our choice; forgiveness or bitterness, courage or fear, and especially what you said, perseverance or failure. Hopefully we surround ourselves with wise and encouraging friends who keep us motivated …… like you!! Thanks for your daily “kick in the butt”

  • Michelle

    So is it normal to get hungry then when dieting? Like for a physique or fitness contest? When I say I get hungry, ppl always tell me they dont, and how I am obviously not eating the right foods, i.e. not enough roughage (green veggies) and protein. But as far as I can tell, I AM eating the right amount for my build (calories and macro-nutrients wise). How do you overcome hunger? Drinking water only helps up to a point. Please help.
    Thanks and Kind Regards,

  • Dennis Mastrolia

    Hi Bonnie-Good article.
    On a sad note relay to Steve that the great Casey Viator from Florida passed last week. He was the Colorado (Arthur Jones) experiment.

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