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The Secret to Maintaining a Healthy, Fit Lifestyle

Just keep Showing UpWhile I am a fitness professional with 20+ years experience in the industry, I still struggle like everyone else. I get lazy. I get tired. I get frustrated. I get fat. However, recently, I’ve realized I just need to focus on staying committed. That’s why my mantra has been “Just keep Showing Up”.

My goal, as I age, is to maintain a healthy balance in my life –  keep a workout schedule I can stick with, and to maintain a healthy weight I can live with.  I just need to maintain what I started, and maintain what I’ve achieved.

Maintaining doesn’t mean I am not striving for improvement, it means I am maintaining my drive, my ambition, daily habits and my journey to my goals. It means I maintain a healthy fit lifestyle, and not yo-yo in and out of it. It means I am maintaining a continual level of effort and accountability. It means I keep showing up and giving it my best – and on the days I can’t give my best, I keep showing up anyway because I’m maintaining my commitment.

Showing up is the key. If I can get my running shoes on the sidewalk, I’m golden. It’s not like I will walk back inside the house. If I can just get to the gym to workout, I’ll have a great workout. It’s the showing up part that people have the most problems with.

No amazing strength, speed, power, low body fat, trophies, etc. for a moment are more important than being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Fitness has it’s peaks and valleys, and you have to learn to move forward through them both. Believe me, I love to be FIRST. I love to lift HEAVY, I love to run FAST and I like TROPHIES like anyone else – but, I can’t be any of that if I don’t show up and journey through the valleys. How do you maintain? You Keep Showing Up.

Are you committed to keep showing up?

Stay Motivated!

Many of you have contacted me asking me if you can buy my motivational quotes as a poster or shirt. Well, I’m happy to say, I am currently working on recreating all my mantras for print. If you have one in particular you like, let me know below and I’ll put it at the top of the list.

My online store is not complete (not even close), but I do have a few things up, including this  “Keep Showing Up” poster in 2 sizes: 35″X23″ or 16″X20″. Click Here to take a sneak peak.


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