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Fitness Motivation: Don’t Run From What You Need Most

How often do we let our feelings get in the way of what we do? Answer: WAY TOO MUCH!

go to the gym If I had a nickel for every time I heard:

“I want to lose weight before I join a gym”

“I don’t feel comfortable working out around guys”

“I’m just not a gym person”

“People will laugh at me”

“It’s too late for someone like me”

“I just want to get to a better place first”

“I’m too fat to do that”

“I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work”

These are mental road blocks that interfere with success. Ironically, none of these things will likely get better unless you start going to the gym. Let’s take a closer look.

8 Excuse Busters

“I want to lose some weight before I join a gym”
That’s like saying you want to get smart before you go to school. A gym offers the support, guidance and accountability you need to help you reach your goals. People have a greater chance of getting results when doing it in a group setting, like a gym, than they do attempting fitness and weight loss on their own. 

bodybuilders“I don’t feel comfortable working out around guys”
I think many people picture big musclehead bodybuilder types like Jay Cutler (who, by the way, would intimidate anyone), when they think “gym” or lifting weights, but they are a rare find. I found, most guys are trying to lose weight and get fit too – not get huge. Those kind of guys are a small niche, the minority. Men and women have more in common than ever before. Most people want to be fit and trim, and get more cut. However, you will never feel comfortable working out around guys, no matter who they are, if you never workout around guys. It’s all about learning to be comfortable in new surroundings, and getting to know the members. The more you go, the more you will realize you have more in common with each other than you thought! Before you know it, it’s like gaining a bunch of brothers and sisters, and you are one big gym family – but you won’t feel comfortable with any family if you don’t spend time with them.

“I’m just not a gym person”
If you never go to the gym, or don’t find the RIGHT gym, you’ll never be a gym person. You will always feel like a fish out of water. Gym people go to the gym on a regular basis. While you don’t need to be a gym person to be a fit person – gyms are dedicated to getting people fit and are incredibly helpful to people who need help. I’m not a school person, but I NEEDED school to learn. As I learned, I learned to like it – and I learned what I enjoyed learning and what I didn’t. However, if all I took was math and history, I would have hated school, gotten discouraged, and dropped out in a heartbeat. Luckily, I loved other classes, like writing, humanities, music and art (not to mention liking the boys) – and they kept me wanting to show up. The same goes for fitness. The more “classes” (activities, workouts, etc) you try and friends you make, the better – and if you go for the eye candy single people, it wouldn’t be the first time! lol 🙂 

clowning around“People will laugh at me”
I have never personally seen anyone laugh at someone trying to get fit. I have seen, however, people laugh at some of the things people wear (and shouldn’t be wearing), or do, while they are working out. So, as long as you don’t go in your tighy-whities (yes, it’s happened and I’m still washing my eyes out), or you don’t run and dance on the treadmill with your clown suit on from your Birthday Party gig (yep, seen that too), then it is very unlikely people will laugh. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Most people are inspired when they see people working hard to lose weight and change their lives. Often times, I’ve seen someone twice my size do something I don’t want to do and thought “Come on Bonnie, if they can do it, I can!” You may laugh at yourself because you are clumsy in class or you can’t believe how weak you are on the weight floor (been there), but no one else is laughing. You will get better and stronger with practice, and trade those insecurities for excitement and feeling proud!

“It’s too late for someone like me”
It’s never too late to make improvements. Yes, if you are 70 years old, it might be too late to become a marathon runner (and it might not depending on your health). What I mean is, it may be too late for some things due to deteriorated health, BUT it’s never too late to get healthier – and you never know how much damage you can reverse if you never attempt to get fit. I am constantly amazed of how much fitness changes lives – at every age, every size, every situation. 

Never Too Late

“I just want to get to a better place first”…
This happens in church a lot. Often times, people don’t want to go to church until they get their life right – but that’s what church is for. Church is there to help you get your life right. Whether you need to clean up your act spiritually or physically, you can’t always wait to get in a better place before you start working on things. The truth is, things will typically get worse, not better, without help. If you need help, go to a place where helping is their business. Gyms are not there for the fit to show off their muscles. Gyms are for people to work on themselves, to make improvements, to change, and to be healthy – no matter where they are in their life. 

modified side plank“I’m too fat to do that”
I hear this a lot. People say “I can’t do that, are you kidding me?!” Just recently, I was working with some girls who had been doing modified side planks. By modified, I mean REALLY modified. They were on their elbows, instead of their hands. They used their other hand to support their weight, and had their weight on their knee instead of their foot. After they were done going through a round of planks, I said “Ok, before we leave today, EVERYONE is going to do a regular side plank – even if you can only hold it for a second”. Well, they looked at me like I was an alien, but they reluctantly agreed. Don’t you know they completely ROCKED the side plank? They had NO clue they could do it. They were so convinced they couldn’t do it that they hadn’t even tried doing it without the modifications. Many times we don’t do stuff because we don’t think we can – not because we tried and couldn’t. 

“I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work”
This one probably bothers me the most. Not all fitness is created equal. You can easily HATE one class, one gym, one training style or one trainer – and LOVE another class, another gym, another training style or another trainer. Listen people, if fitness didn’t work for you before, that does NOT mean nothing will. Keep exploring and keep discovering what works, and what doesn’t. Fitness is like church, it comes in all kinds of packages with all kinds of people and styles. Keep fitness shopping until you find the fitness that fits you!

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