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Easy Recipe for the Perfect Workout

sandbag thrustersWhen Steve really likes a workout, he calls it “YUMMY”. Well I have a sweat sandwich that you are going to LOVE! It may not sound very tasty, but the results sure are yummy – and who doesn’t like a recipe with only 5 ingredients? I do! I’m all about simple – and that goes for my workouts too.

Workouts don’t have to be complicated to be challenging. Sometimes the most effective workouts are super simple, but super purposeful and well-planned. Unfortunately though, it’s not enough to just know a few good exercises, you should know how to make the most out of those exercises by pairing them up with complimentary exercises, as well as putting them in the right order to help you reach your goals.

SWEAT SANDWICHWhile there are MANY different ways to put a workout together, here is one of my own workout formulas you can use to create your own challenging and effective workouts using what you know with what you have. All you need is 5 exercises – 3 different strength exercises and 2 conditioning (boot campy) exercises.

The formula starts with the most difficult task and ends with the lightest (low weight/high rep) exercise, with a nice dose of cardio and conditioning sandwiched in the middle for more calories burned and more overall intensity. Then it repeats 5 times. Give it a shot!

Recipe for Your Own Sweat Sandwich

bonnie pfiester#1. Strength: Heavy Weighted Multi-Joint Exercise

The first exercise in my circuit would be a heavy, to both tax my target muscle group and get my heart rate up, like thrusters, overheat squats, push press, pull ups and push ups.

#2. Strength & Cardio: Conditioning Exercise Using Moderate Resistance or Bodyweight

The next exercise could be more explosive and powerful, using moderate weight or bodyweight, but focuses on really getting the heart rate up like a hip drive or box jumps.

#3. Toning Exercise: Moderate Resistance or Body Weight to Target Muscle Group

Once my heart is pounding, I can use a toning exercise to let my heart rate come down a little, while focusing on my target muscle group, like lunges, leg extensions, shoulder presses, bicep curls, bent over rows, tricep extensions, flies, one-arm chest press, etc.

4. Conditioning: Cardio and/or Conditioning Exercise to Increase Heart Rate

Now that I’ve had a “rest”, it’s time to get my heart rate back up with a complimentary cardiovascular exercise that doesn’t allow my target muscles to rest. For instance, I may do mountain climbers if I’m doing arms, wall-ups if I’m doing shoulders, or burpees if I’m doing legs, so those muscles don’t have time to fully recover.

shoulder raises5. Sculpting/Targeting: Using Light Resistance to Target the Key Muscles

Lastly, I finish the muscle circuit off with a burn using a bodylastics band, light weights or my own bodyweight, like shoulder raises with a band, wall sits, plank, band flies, band curls, band kickbacks, curties, stomps, etc.

After the 5 exercises are complete, I take a 30 second rest and start all over again until I’ve completed 5 rounds, depending on my weight and other exercises/activity for the day. Want more? Reduce it to 3 rounds and add another totally new 3-round circuit for more variety. You can do each exercise for 15-20 reps each for the fastest time, or you can do each exercise for 30-45 seconds at each station.

2 Sample Workouts:

bonnie pfiesterShoulder Focus

Leg Focus

If you do it right, you’ll end up flat on the floor, totally wiped out like ME! 🙂


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