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Fitness Motivation For Crappy Workouts

Worth Every Drop of Sweat
Working out can be challenging at times. Sure, there will be days your workouts are insane and fun. There will be times you feel like you are ten foot tall and bullet proof – but there will be other times you will feel like the weakest and fattest person in the gym. There will be days you fee lazy, days your body hurts, days you feel sorry for yourself, and days you feel like your feet are made out of led and your muscles are jelly. It’s those kind of days you have to keep your head screwed on straight, and you have to remember why you are doing this – and what you are working toward.

No matter how bad you feel, as long as you show up and get the work done, you can still get good results. You don’t necessarily have to have a rocking workout every single day to get a rocking body. You just have to stick to your plan and keep showing up – weak or strong, tired or energetic, motivated or not.

Next time you are tempted to focus on your PAIN, remember to focus on the CHANGE you are making.

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