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Monday Motivation: 7 Ways to Conquer Struggle

You can conquerHow many times have you heard someone say, “well, she doesn’t have kids”, “I’d look like that too if I didn’t have to work”, “he’s just genetically gifted”, or “if I could afford a trainer, I could lose weight too”?

It’s so easy to think that people who reach their goals don’t have struggles, just because they may not be experiencing the SAME struggles as you may be facing. Believe me, losing weight, eating healthy and exercising IS a struggle at times. Some may even say it’s a CONSTANT struggle. However, those struggles don’t dictate whether you fail or not. It’s how you deal with those struggles that will determine if you succeed.

Do you let your struggles, or your goals, define you?

You WILL have struggles, but you don’t have to focus on them. You don’t have to give in and you don’t have to let them win. Instead, keep your eye fixed on the prize!! Seek, conquer, destroy!

7 Ways to Conquer Struggle

Pauline Nordin In many ways, you are in a battle – a battle with yourself, your weaknesses, your life and anything else that might get in the way of your goal. You face an “enemy” every day, so every day you should be prepared for battle. Here are 7 ways you can defeat struggle..

1. Acknowledge It. You can’t conquer something you don’t even acknowledge. Be honest with yourself. Make a list of your struggles and share them with people who support and love you.

2. Build You Army. Once you have a known enemy, you gather your troops – so why not do the same with fitness? Once you pick a few strong fitness soldiers, read them in and make an attack plan.

3. Hide Your Weakness. An army doesn’t want it’s enemy to discover their weaknesses so they are very careful who they share certain information with. So, if you have weaknesses, besides sharing them with your own secure group, don’t talk about it, post about it, complain about it or even whisper about it.

4. Strengthen Your Weaknesses. Your weaknesses will remain weak unless you purposefully work on them. Everyone loves to work on their strengths because it leaves them feeling strong and victorious. However, it’s often times that one weak spot that can bring even the strongest man to his knees.

5. Protect Your Investment. Armies build barricades and walls to protect their investment, so why don’t you build barriers to protect YOUR investment. If you work hard in the gym, then work even harder to make sure nothing destroys what you are working hard to create. Don’t let people, and stuff, in your life that could destroy you or set you back.

6. Navigate Around It. If your struggle is something you can avoid (like a restaurant or type of food) do all you can to keep it away from you. It’s up to you to come up with the safest path of attack.

7. Fight Back. If you are attacked, you fight back. If your enemy calls you weak, you show them you are strong. So, if you feel weak, lift something heavy. If you feel like a failure, then be sure to succeed. Basically, whatever your struggle is, prove it wrong. Once you have conquered it once, you will know you can conquer it again. Each time you do it, you will get stronger and stronger – and be unstoppable!

*This image of Pauline Nordin (pictured above) appeared on the cover of the March 19 issue of Marine Corps Times. 

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  • Kim

    Great post!!!
    I hear that kind of thing all the time – age, kids/no kids/money/work outside the home or stay home mom…….What it comes down to is we all have to work for what we want.

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