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Fitness Motivation: How to Conquer Fear & Doubt

Conquering Fear & DoubtMy grandmother told me “never fear in darkness what God has told you in the light”. This statement is a powerful principle to live by no matter how you apply it. Of course my grandmother was speaking of our spiritual life – for all those times we know, we know, we KNOW God has a plan and is in control, yet all it takes is one complication, one pitfall, and we begin to doubt, get afraid, and get discouraged.

In the fitness world, you may have been told all that you can accomplish, and the facts you need to reach those goals. In “the light” (on your good days) your scale may tell you you are losing weight. Your trainer may say you are getting stronger. Your clothes say you are losing inches – yet one day, in the darkness, you can believe all the lies you hear in your head – all the doubts you have swirling around. Will you ever reach your goal? Can you ever change? Are you doomed for failure? Are you an exception to the fitness rule?

Running in the DarkEveryone has these thoughts at times, but the people who fail make decisions based on them. People often make the worst decisions in the darkest times. If you think about light and darkness, we use light to guide us – not darkness. Have you ever walked in the pitch dark? Do you run or try to hit an obstacle course? No, you slow down, move cautiously, and try to remember what you saw in the light. And, sometimes, when we can’t figure out where we are, where to go or make out what we are seeing, we may stop and just stay still – because your eyes can trick you in the dark and make you think you see things that aren’t there.

 victoryI encourage you, if you are in a dark place right now, whether spiritually, physically or mentally, slow down or just stay still. Don’t make drastic decisions and try to navigate your life when you can’t see clearly. Wait until the light comes again to help you make your next move – because it will.

We all go through dark times. We all have our fair share of doubts and fears, but remember what you were told in the light. Remember where you were headed when you were in the light and, until the light guides you into a different direction, keep moving in the direction you started in – and never let the dark times change your mind, change your plans, or lead you off track. πŸ™‚

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