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Get for YOUR Own Custom Workout

YOUR workoutAs you know, Steve and I create workouts for many different brands. One of our jobs this month is to create fresh, new workouts for Designer Whey – and we decided do something new and make YOU the star!

That’s right, this month we will be selecting workouts YOU suggest! AAAAND we are going to name that workout after YOU! We tested this out on facebook and got a GREAT start there, so now we are extending the request right here.

Simply tell us what type of workout you would like (in the comments below) – AND be sure to list YOUR facebook, twitter, blog or website so we can credit you!! 6 OF YOU will be chosen. 

What we need to know:

1. What TYPE of workout do you want?
Cardio? Conditioning? Toning? HIIT? Strength? Endurance? Stretching? Balance? Sport Specific? Rehab? Fun? Challenging?

2. What BODY PART do you want to focus on?
Full Body? Abs? Glutes? Legs? Arms? Chest or Back? Core?

3 . What TOOLS would you like to use?
Dumbbells? Kettlbells? Bands? Treadmill? Medicine Ball? No Tools?

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • Analine Johnson

    Hi Bonnie, I don’t know if you’re still taking suggestions but here is mine. While healing from meniscus surgery I took up aerial yoga and pole fit. Yes. you need to try it. It is amazing and so much fun. Well it requires a lot of strength to be able to hold poses on the pole and invert without momentum. It also incorporates a lot of yoga type movements with flexibility as well. I’ve noticed that the people who have yoga/dance/gymnastic backgrounds have a much easier time with the workouts then I do because all I have ever done is lifting and interval training. So I’m not really sure what to ask for but you and Steve are the experts.

  • marcyhopkins

    Cardio and Toning. Legs and Glutes. Anything but treadmill.

    What’s the best and intense cardio workout?

    Like I want to drown in sweat 🙂 ha

  • Marcy

    I can’t seem to figure out how to tone my hamgstrings (mostly) and glutes. I will train for months and nothing. I don’t see any results. It’s very discouraging. Have been thinking about paying for a personal trainer lately. I have to be doing something wrong. I dont know what else to do. I just want to like my body. For once. Please help me!

    1. What TYPE of workout do you want?

    2. What BODY PART do you want to focus on?
    Hamstrings and Glutes

    3 . What TOOLS would you like to use?
    Anything but treadmill.

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      1.) be sure to lift heavy enough to really encourage growth.
      2.) be sure to supplement and get the protein you need to encourage growth
      3.) be sure to do enough cardio to reduce any excess body fat hiding growth 🙂

  • Sarah Jane @Fit Betty

    I would love to have a good workout to get my legs/glutes/thighs in better shape! I always need help in this area, and it’s time for me to shuffle up my workouts again! Love weights, bodyweight, and plyometrics, kettlebells…it’s all good!
    Sarah Parker

  • Amy

    With the kids home for the summer I still need to get my workouts in. Looking for a fun yet challenging full body workout I can do with little equipment or using my kids. Like leg presses with the kids as weight or piggy back ride sprints etc. thanks Bonnie and Steve. Love your workouts.

  • Debbie

    I WANT the WORKS!!! I am 53 year old woman and need to do a make over on my body and lose several pounds! I have all the tools a person need just need to get a plan and run with it! Several years ago I would go to the gym 4 am to 6 am everyday and run 6 miles a day so I am not a lazy just need a and WANT a NEW ME!!!

  • Natalie Wester

    I usually do not have access to a gym so I work out at home. I LOVE using DUMBBELLS and BODYWEIGHT! My favorite types of workouts are those lasting about 45 minuets, are super challanging, specialized to gain muscular strength and tone, and in-cooperates bursts of HIIT of Plyometrics. I love a good sweat session, and that great feeling of afterburn 🙂

    Natalie Wester

  • Allie

    I love hiit training. I hate going and lifting and doing steady cardio. I love to throw around the barbell and kettle bells. It makes me feel strong! I am kind of in a rut right now in finding a workout routine I enjoy. I did do jillian micheals making the cut and got some great results but miss using the barbell. I also love mixing some other kinds of fun workouts in their like yoga kickboxing etc. to keep it fun and new.

  • leandra Walker

    I would love to see a workout that builds muscle, strength and maybe even endurance! I’m a 47 year old woman who has been active and fit her entire life. I’m tall and thin and I don’t gain weight easily. Every tv show, book, magazine I come across is for individuals who want to lose weight. People don’t look kindly on those of us with the opposite problem. But even though I’m thin I still have issues! My body doesn’t respond to exercise the way it used to and I find it difficult to put on lean muscle mass and keep off the fat. Despite weight training and running, my abs and backs of my legs lack good muscle development. Would love to get a work to help with this!

  • Starla T

    Morning Bonnie!
    I love how HIIT works, I prefer strength and cardio. My knees are troublesome and I believe it’s due to weak inner thighs.
    I’d like a workout that will help me run faster and further distances in softball, jump higher for volleyball while strengthening my knees or inner thighs so I am less hesitant TO run and jump.
    Treadmill, dumb bells, stability ball and body weight please.

  • Laurie

    Good Morning,
    I’m 55 years and Strength and conditioning are my best medicine ! Favorites really ^_^
    I am new to this but learning fast.
    Seeing as I am on the path of having less years ahead than behind I need to be the best possible me along the way.
    Full body please.
    tools ? the hard stuff ! Ha !
    barbells, kettlebells, trapbar, farmers , yoke , prowler, ahh you get the idea.
    I have easy access to these tools/toys I’m am familliar with most bodyweight exercises.
    When I come across one I’ve not done I’ll youtube it .
    I’m not the beat the clock type, I like to do it and do it right. No injuries and all.

    P.S. Thanks for asking, i do love reading your postings and updates.
    The motivation and education are great for me !
    thank you thank you

  • edith

    Hi! I want to build muscle/tone my whole body. I’m 5’5 and weigh 140lbs. I can lift anything heavier than 12 lbs. Ill use anything: weights, dumbells, jumprope, you name it! I can also do squats, girl pushups, etc! 🙂 Only thing I don’t like to to do is run because of my asthma. Thanks!

  • Crystal Newman

    1. Cardio/Strength Training
    2. I want to focus on my core.
    3. I want to use stability ball and light dumbbells.

    I used to be able to go to the gym, but now that I am working 2 jobs I just cannot fit in time for the drive to the gym and then the workout so I am trying to learn to get in a good workout at home, with maybe one trip to the gym per week. 🙂

  • Joy

    I am training for my first marathon. A workout that helps with the necessary core work and endurance /flexibility exercises needed in conjunction with running to achieve success in that effort would be great. No tools, just a simple routine.

  • Laurene

    I feel good about my workouts in the gym, but I travel a lot of work and fun, and often find my strength training suffering because of this. I run when I travel b/c you can do this anywhere and still know your progress. But I have a hard time coming up with my own body weight strength building exercises. To give an idea of my level (intermediate, I think) when I am at home/in the gym, I follow the NROL4W workouts.

    1. What TYPE of workout do you want?
    Strength training

    2. What BODY PART do you want to focus on?
    Full Body

    3 . What TOOLS would you like to use?
    Body Weight only, so I can do it no matter where/when I’m traveling

  • reachingmyfullpotential

    What a fun idea! I am planning to compete for the first time in Figure next spring and am hoping to strengthen and build my upper back, shoulders, and glutes. I would like to see a workout that uses the barbell and dumbbells.

  • anyssa

    no tools. I run almost everyday and do other exercises like crunches, squats, etc., but I can’t get rid of the fat on my lower belly, and my butt is huge. I would like it to shrink alittle. I would also like to start training for a marathon.

  • Marc B

    I’m a distance runner, 43, training for an Ultra in 2 weeks and a full in November, I run a LOT! I’ve recently started doing some body weight exercises and picked up some light dumbells, 10 & 15lbs so far, but would like to get a routine together to get the upper body in better shape, core stronger to help the long distance runs, and some leg strength to help runs as well, but not kill me for my long training runs.

  • Liz

    Hi Bonnie how about….”Re-start” – no tools.

    Suggestions for getting to know our body again despite years of avoiding exercise. Is it too late or is it possible to lose weight, develop flexibility, endurance and core strength no matter a persons age? The goal is weight loss and developing confidence in our body but focusing on the start

  • Jovita McConnell

    I am a runner and getting ready for my first full marathon in November. Two days of the week, I am suppose to Crosstrain. I would love to see and understand how to Crosstrain for those two days that will help me perform better in a Marathon.

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