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150 Reasons To Be Motivated On Your Weight Loss Journey

You would think needing to lose 150lbs would give you 150 good reasons to be extremely motivated, but it’s not that easy. There’s a lot more to it than just the extra baggage you carry – you can also carry a lot of baggage mentally. The good news is, success is possible and motivation is there even when you feel completely hopeless. If you look around, you can find the motivation you need. Just ask Wendy Speigner.

An ordinary girl, with an extraordinary story

overweight woman on scaleToday’s blog is not for the “arrived” person who has already reached their goal. This inspirational message is for all of you out there who are on a weight loss journey to transform your life – or to hold on to the success you’ve had so far and keep pressing on until you reach your goal. What I love about this story is it is somewhat ordinary. What do I mean? I mean, it probably will relate to half the people in America. It’s a real woman dealing with real weight issues. She isn’t on a weight loss reality show. She isn’t doing some insane workout or subscribed to trendy diet plan. She hasn’t lost 100lbs (YET). She is still on the beginning of her journey, doing fitness the good old-fashioned, slow and steady – and I simply LOVE her story.

Searching for Hope

It’s one thing to look at the scale and see you are a few pounds overweight, but how does someone get motivated when they are nearly 400lbs? Where did they find hope? Where do they start? How can they keep showing up when their body says “NO!”. Is it too late or can they be the nest success story? Well, I think Wendy Speigner has a great story of determination, motivation, hope and success. Please take the time to read her story and to share it with others. Although she is no where near her goal weight YET, she has taken the very first (and very important) first step: She made the decision to change her life and is committed to (as I always say) “Keep showing up” no matter what. No more quitting. No More Excuses. And You Can Too!

Wendy Speigner

Who is Wendy? 

Wendy Speigner“Once upon a time there lived a fat little girl…who eventually dieted her way up to 385 lbs! …Oh wait, that’s ME!  I was a fat baby, and have been varying degrees of “fat”, “fluffy”, “chunky”, “chubby”, “heavy” or “obese” ever since! I’ve been on a diet of some kind since I was a chubby little kid!

I remember as a kid, my Grandmother (bless her heart) putting me on a new diet every summer when she came up from Florida. Loved my Grandma, the summer diet boot-camps, not so much. I was probably one of the few kids who couldn’t WAIT for summer to be over and school to start again!   But then of course the school drama of a fat girl would start… name calling, weighing-in in gym, always picked last for kickball, not popular, blah blah blah. Fat kid to fat teen to fat adult.  Other than my weight, I felt I had a wonderful childhood – surrounded by loving parents and friends throughout the years.

 “I’d be lying if I said I gave it 110% on every diet or weight loss plan I’ve tried.”

Wendy SpeignerMy weight has roller-coastered up and down through the 200′s in my 20′s and up into the 300′s in my 30′s and high 300’s in my early 40′s.  It’s been 14+ years since I’ve seen the 200′s.  I’d be lying if I said I gave it 110% on every diet or weight loss plan I’ve tried. But as an adult I’ve lost on many diets, gained on many more.  Things would usually go good in the beginning, and then I’d eventually get off-track and regain the weight, usually plus more weight. I’d exercise here and there, but honestly, nothing consistent because I’d never stick with it long enough to see any results throughout the years.

Diets Failed. Exercise Failed. Surgery Failed. 

Gastric BipassIn 2000, I even had the first Adjustable Gastric Band weight-loss surgery in FL. I was officially 350 lbs. at time of surgery, and was so excited to have the surgery. It felt like the “Hope” fairy had dumped an entire truckload of hope on my doorstep!  I lost 36 lbs. the first month.  Wooohoooo! Then I lost an additional 12 lbs. over the next 11 months.  (yes, 12 pounds…the size of a very small butterball turkey) <sigh>

Even with all the support and resources there were at the time, all I can say is there was something that still just wasn’t clicking in my brain.  How can I really eat 1/2 the food I used to eat this first year and NOT lose weight!??  As time went on, my stomach expanded back to normal and I’d lose some, and then gain more again until I ended up at my highest weight EVER of 385 lbs. in 2009.”

The Change

What got you started (doing things right this time)?

overweight_woman_sitting_on_park_bench_near_lake_600912BLEvery day it took an unbelievable amount of energy and effort JUST to get up off the couch, to simply tie my shoes, or walk through the parking lot at the store.  And the years of emotional pain was even greater.  Everything was just so hard.  I had started to feel the impact my weight had on my knees and feet and as my daughter finished high school started to realize how much of my family’s life I had sat on the sidelines for.  I was emotionally and physically drained, felt like a complete failure, and doomed to continue to gain weight, and that this was all there was left to my life.

Beliefs are simply thoughts you keep thinking…And mine weren’t very good for a long time. I wish I had started decades ago, but didn’t.  I became an avid student in positive thinking and Law of Attraction in 2009, so started taking some of those principles I saw working in other areas of my life and decided to start applying them to my weight loss journey as well.

Who or what inspired or motivated you to make a change?

My biggest supporter and cheerleader is my husband, Michael. He’s been on every turn of this crazy roller-coaster ride with me for 23 years, and he’s always been my lighthouse when lose my way and he knows what to say to help get me back on track if needed.

Wendy Speigner

My biggest inspirations are those friends near and far who have done this or are on their own journey.  I’ve met such amazing friends on their own journeys on Facebook, Youtube and through other social media.  If I need some encouragement it seems I find just the tip, trick, advice, or motivation that I needed to hear to help me get refocused.

Where are you on your fitness journey and how much so you have to lose?

Wendy SpeignerIt is definitely a journey, but little by little I can feel a momentum that has slowed from a lot of negative thoughts/beliefs about losing weight to being replaced with beliefs and thoughts that better serve me.  I’m down to 330 lbs. currently.  I’ve been eating much healthier in 2013 and working out with a personal trainer for 6 months. The difference in energy, strength and especially physical endurance is simply night and day to when I started.  I still have about 150 lbs. or so I want to lose, but trying to remain general in that I want to be healthy, and feel once I get that through my brain, I think the weight loss will go much faster.

I’ve just got to get out of my own way sometimes and not get so wrapped up in the details and scale numbers.  But I know I’ll eventually get there.  It feels my journey is starting to become less of a fight day by day as I continue to make small changes.  I still have a long way to go, but have no doubt I’m on the right path with Eating Healthy, Moving my Body and Adjusting my Thoughts.

Motivation: Seek and You Will Find

 “I’ve sat on the sidelines so much, and feel I’ve wasted so many opportunities over the years.” 

What Motivates You?

What Motivates me?? …. All of the above! LOL  Plus being healthy and actually getting to start living my life.  I’ve put so many things on hold over the years because of my size.  Yes, absolutely some of it I could have done, but didn’t worrying what others thought, other stuff, I was/am physically too large.  I’ve sat on the sidelines so much, and feel I’ve wasted so many opportunities over the years.  I want to be this confident, happy healthy person who isn’t afraid to live or take chances.  It’s not about vanity for me…its about my life first.

After seeing your motivational videos, it’s clear photos and quotes motivate you. Why?
A picture is worth a 1000 words, so why not focus on what I want my body and life to look like?  I can just look at a picture of someone with a healthy strong body and my brain gets it.  Quotes are just that perfect thing you need to hear and that seem to find me when I need them the most!  I know it’s the Universe’s way of telling me to “keep going”. (watch this video Wendy made)

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/67145515]

“I believe focusing not on how far I’ve got to go, but on what my body/life will feel and look like at my ideal weight is so important….and fun!”

What made you make this motivational video.
I’ve always been a very visual and creative person.  I actually started creating the videos for ME, to songs I enjoyed for other areas of my life I wanted to focus on.  I decided to share them on Youtube.  I had such amazing feedback.  It really wasn’t for anyone else, but so awesome that others were benefiting from the videos as well.   Several people asked me to create a video for them with their goals, favorite quotes, motivations, etc.  I believe focusing not on how far I’ve got to go, but on what my body/life will feel and look like at my ideal weight is so important….and fun!  I love the upbeat music and I just get drawn into them every time I watch.  They’re a big part of my daily meditation/visualization and only take about 3 minutes and I feel so good afterwards.

What’s your favorite quote or mantra?

• Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for all to see. It’s just a tiny spark that whispers “You got this.”

• Why NOT me?  Why NOT now?

I created this motivational photo for you Wendy! Thanks for sharing your story! I KNOW that it will be exactly what someone needs to hear. Together we can make a difference!

Strength whispers

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