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Mind, Body AND, Don’t Forget, Spirit

Spiritual Fitness Sundays are the days I really reflect on my prior week – what i did, what I didn’t do, what I want to do better, what I have to change. I think about the things that need to be removed, and the things that need to be added. This requires me  to strip away the flesh (the skin, muscle, clothing, make-up & appearance) and think about what is underneath it all. Then I ask myself, “what needs work?” Of course, my answer is a loooong list, but I know the things I need to tackle first – I think we all do.

However, if we don’t stop to purposefully analyze our life and give ourself a little spiritual “check up”, it is so easy to let the days slip by, the problems build up and our soul deteriorate. Just in the same way our muscles deteriorate when neglected – so does our relationship with God when we neglect Him.

The question for me today was “Are you where God wants you to be?”

Am I doing what God called me to do?
Am I being obedient – in the big and the small things? 
Am I ignoring Him? 
Do I even know what I am supposed to be doing? 
Am I giving Him enough time in my week to even let me know?

These are all things I am reflecting on today, and just wanted to share my thoughts with you. While we are on a quest for physical fitness, we should want to improve all areas of our lives – not just our body. I don’t know about you, but I have a LOT of work to do!  🙂

Have a great and reflective Sunday!

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