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Exercise Hurts, Quitting Hurts More

quitting hurts moreSince many of our BCx workouts are timed workouts, with short bursts of intense exercise, one thing I say often is “You can do anything for 60 seconds”. That is because, when I was in boot camp, those were the words I held on to. I knew, no matter how bad it hurt, how winded I was, or how weak I felt, I could do anything for 60 seconds.

Of course, when THAT 60 seconds was done, I had to do another 60 seconds of something just as brutal – but at least it was something different. And, I knew, once again, I could endure THAT for 60 seconds too.

1 Out of 24

woman exercising hardThe fact of the matter is, if we really think about how little time we actually have to work to get such a great lasting reward, we could truly begin to celebrate the pain.

The pain is evidence of change. If we can look past the immediate discomfort and focus on the other 23 hours of freedom, where we get to bask in the results of our hard work, we can clearly see that the small amount of time in the gym is a small sacrifice for what we get out of it.

Honestly, 1 hour, out of the 24 hours God gave us, is not that much to ask. AND it’s not work without pay. It’s work with BIG pay. THAT’S the reality.

“But It’s Hard”

overweight woman working outBUT (Yes, here’s the “but”), we often get too wrapped up in the immediate pain and fatigue. We feel sorry for ourselves, we think about how rough we have it – how hard workouts are, how hard it is to lose weight, how sore we are, how fat we feel, how hard we work, how tired we are, how many responsibilities we have, how everyone else seems to have it easier, and we think of just about everything else besides this one fact: As much as this sucks, quitting sucks more.

Quitting HurtsThe repercussions of quitting hurts. You know that commercial that says “depression hurts“, well so does fat. Fat hurts. Being unhealthy hurts. Feeling weak hurts. Injury due to weak and tight muscles hurts. Aging and muscle deterioration hurts. Losing confidence hurts. Losing mobility hurts. Losing independence due to health hurts. Feeling like a failure because you truly failed and gave up hurts. All the repercussions to quitting on yourself, and your health, hurts way more than the worst workout you have ever had.

Next time you feel like giving up. Whether you are just tired of trying to lose weight and you can’t seem to get it right, or you want to quit your workout program because it’s too hard, NEVER forget that QUITTING will hurt you even more.

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  • Tina

    I ABSOLUTELY 100% agree! Having lost and regained almost all of a 115-pound weight loss that I only managed to take off again last year, I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain and frustration on anyone. I have to remind myself of that every time I don’t feel like finding a way to squeeze in my gym time or when I feel like cutting a workout short. It isn’t always easy to stay focused and consistently motivated, but it’s so much better than the alternative of being obese, out of shape and just plain unhealthy. I’m SO not going back there!

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