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5 Gift Ideas for a Fit Mom

Elegant Portions

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you are still trying to find a fun gift for the fit mom of your house, here are 5 unique ideas that are sure to help you mom reach her goals – and make her smile!.

#1 Elegant Portions 3-Piece Place Setting: This place setting by Elegant Portions is the perfect gift for a mom who is watching her weight or just eating healthy. Designed around portion control, this dinner wear will help mom reach her goals in style. The Wine Traxx glass, which is perfect for  high-calorie beverages like juice or wine, delicately marks 4oz, 6oz and 8oz servings. The next item is a pretty Snack Traxx glass bowl that is also marked the same way for 4oz, 6oz and 8oz pours (perfect for my yogurt & soups!) Lastly, the Meal Traxx plate also marks ¼-Plate for lean protein, ¼-Plate for starches or whole grains, and ½-Plate for fruits and vegetables. Simply brilliant – and beautiful!

Wonder Woman Socks#2 Super Socks for Supermom: Have  you ever thought your mom was so strong, she should wear a cape? Even if the cape is a little too much for your mom, has a pair of cool socks for just about anyone.  Plus, high socks are one of the few ways to “dress up” a fitness outfit and bring a little personality into the gym. If your mom is in the market for compression socks, you’ll be pleased to hear Reebok has come out with some fun styles too. Socks are an affordable fun gift that would make any mom smile. And whether they wear them in the gym, or just wear them around the house, they will get worn – and with these socks, they will likely wear a smile to match!

Live Well 360#2 Help Mom AccelLive Well 360 offers incredible multi-function bags that do it all. Made with quality materials, and quality guarantee, they carefully constructed each bag to meet just about every need you can imagine. The Accel is the smallest of their bags, which carries like a purse or a gym bag depending on the strap you use. It has 13 pockets for organizing straps, gloves, headphones, ipod, clothes, jewelry, water bottle, shoes and any other must-have fitness accessory. It even has a padded compartment for a small lap top or tablet (which I carry every day because I watch online TV while doing cardio!). The detachable yoga straps make this bag complete, which is the perfect addition for the yogi mom. I warn ya, don’t even try to compare Live Well 360 bags to the bags you see in most department stores. Live Well 360 bags are the Coach of gym bags. They cost more (this bag is $167), because you get more – and you won’t buy another gym bag for a long time. Live Well 360 come in 3 sizes: Accel (small), Core (medium) and Luxx (large, which also holds a full-size laptop).  SAVE 10% OFF with this code: PFIT10

HICKIES.Press-kit.sep1295#4 Dad, Give Mom HICKIES: NO! Not THAT kind of Hickie, HICKIES elastic lacing system, designed to transform tennis shoes into slip-on shoes. However, that’s not really why I love them. I love them because they add color – and lots of it. HICKIES have 16 different color combination that can completely change the look of your tennis shoes. Whether you are wearing Converse or Reebok, you can throw in some fun multi-color HICKIES and get a whole new look without buying a new pair of shoes. I personally love the HICKIES in rainbow colors for a multi-colored look that would help your shoes match just about anything in your closet. HICKIES are available at Brookestone.

Kettlebell jewelry#5 Fit Jewelry for a Fit Mom. There are two stores I really like for fitness jewelry. One is the Fitness Fan Store for CrossFitters and Boot Campers, and the other is Fashletics for all fitness fanatics. The Fitness Fan Store has fitness pendants unique to boot camp and CrossFit programs like tractor tires, kettlebells, jump rope, sledge hammers and even a sled. Fashletics has motivational pendants like “Live, Love, Lift”, and peptalk jewelry like “”YOU vs YOU”, that is sure to inspire any mom to keep showing up. In addition to their motivational jewelry, they also have some fun fitness pendants like a 45lb plate, barbells, running shoes and cycling charms. They even offer a way to build your own charm set to customize your gift with just the right message and fitness tool to match mom’s training.

PS: I was NOT compensated for this post. 🙂

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