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Unleash Your Super Powers

Be a Super Hero

Wonder WomanI don’t know about you, but I have SO done this. I get to that point, after maybe overeating or just feeling lazy, where I lay in bed imagining myself better, stronger, healthier, faster and back on track. Sometimes I feel like I could just pop out of bed that very moment if I could (but I hate running in the dark, so that ain’t gonna ever happen). BUT, I keep imagining me lacing up my shoes, getting pumped at the gym, making a salad and doing everything I need to do to start the day off right …tomorrow.

Then, tomorrow comes, and sometimes (for others, it may be every time, nothing happens. All that imagining requires something: it’s called follow through. Yep, I actually have to DO it. I can’t just dream about it. This isn’t I Dream of Jeannie where I can blink myself fit. I have to make it happen – whether I continue to feel as motivated as I was last night or not.

Where was that motivation I had yesterday? Where’s my Lasso of truth now? Nothing has changed. I still feel fat and lazy. I still want those results. That’s when you have to decide whether you want to keep playing super hero with your thoughts, or act like one.

I bought these Wonder Woman socks, mostly for fun – but it’s funny how they’ve reminded me I don’t need a cape to conquer my enemies. And it’s reminded me of how many people are my real live hero.

You CAN be FAST, you CAN be POWERFUL and you CAN feel as BEAUTIFUL as you want! You just haven’t unleashed all your super powers …yet! And, once you do, every day you show up, YOU have the chance to not only be super powerful, but you can be someone ELSE’S super hero by just being a healthy example. And all you really have to do is keep showing up.

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