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Beginner’s Guide to PFITness

Whether you are just starting a diet or workout program, or you are REstarting your fitness program, you may need a little help starting strong. Since people are always asking me to help them with their diet and workouts, I decided to add a few special tabs just for those people right here on my blog. The first tab is called “Welcome“.

Welcome to PFITness

Are you ready for change?On this tab you will find links to my top blogs I feel will help you the most like “My Top 20 Diet Tips“, “7 DAY DIET: How to Make Your Own Meal Plan“, “Why You Can’t Work Off the Weight” and “How Much Protein Do I Need?

Also, on this page, you will find links to of the top blogs I wish all my readers would read to help them with their workout program like “Top 5 Tips Every Fitness Newbie Should Know“, “50 Go-To Exercises for Your Gym Routine“, “Runners Beware: 4 Things You Need to Know” and “High Reps, Low Weight vs. Low Reps, High Weight“.

Lastly, on this page are links to all the workout programs we have designed for brands online. There are several 4-week programs you could follow for free online, and do at home or the gym like “Basic Training” (for beginners) at Designer Whey or  “4 Week BCx Boot Camp” at Sears Fit Studio. If you don’t want to join a whole program, you can always click on my All Workouts drop-down tab under the “Workouts” tab to find any workout I’ve ever posted. Do you see how I’m pretty much taking all your excuses away? Yes, “I don’t know what to do” is pretty much not going to work for you any more. HA! 🙂

Yes, if you want to get fit, it requires a little homework. Remember my blog yesterday, “If you want to be fit, act like it“. Well, if you want to learn how to diet and workout, you can’t wait for someone to hand-feed you. You have to LEARN how to eat right and workout if you want to do it right – and you want it to last. Even if you are already fit or know what to do, if you have a friend that is wanting to get fit, now you have a place you can point them. So for all of you fitness enthusiasts out there, if people ask you for help, you can send them my way! 🙂

30 Days of Motivation

I will beat herIn addition to my new Welcome tab, I also created a special 30 Days of Motivation tab. On this page, you will find my 30 blogs, with 30 matching mantras.

For those of you who were not following me this past January, I committed to giving my readers 30 days of motivation in January for all my New Year’s Resolutionists. However, as we all know, people start new resolutions all the time so I decided to organize a list of the 30 days so anyone could go through it, and find them easily, at any time.

Motivational Quotes

As you probably know by now, I love creating inspiring mantras (motivational quotes & photos). I have a new photo gallery of nearly 100 of these photos available to you. Whether you’re looking for motivation, or like to share it, visit the Motivational Quotes page in the Motivation drop down tab.

Search and You Will Find

Nine times out of ten, if you ask me a question, I’ve written about it. So use my Search window to find recipes, workouts, diet information and other specific topics you are interested in. If you can’t find what you are looking for, comment on a page or make suggestions anytime!

The Get PFIT Handbook

Now, if you are needing even MORE, the same great information we give our boot campers is available as an eBook: The GET PFIT Handbook. Use the book in conjunction with one of our free online workout programs like BCx Boot CampBCx ExpressDesign Your Body or Basic Training for the best results. In this book, there is everything you need to know to get healthy, lose weight and be successful. It’s a short handbook, but it is all the information I would share with you if I had a chance to sit down with you one-on-one.  See how one woman’s life completely changed with the help of this simple book and our BCx Boot Camp Program:

Jenny explained, “I had never connected the dots until your book explained it to me, that weight loss was simply a combination of math and science.  A large reason that I also think your book was transformative for me was that it spoke though metaphors. I’m a designer – metaphors are my life! When you told me that I couldn’t cheat on my marriage and expect it to work so why would I think that could cheat on my diet and make it work, a lightbulb when off. And when you said that calories are like money and that I wouldn’t intentionally or repeatedly overdraw my bank account, a massive flood light turned on! Those two things were all I needed to hear to change my life forever.” 

Read her whole story for some more motivation and inspiration!

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