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Fitness Motivation: Tomorrow Could Be Too Late

How many important things get tossed to the side because life gets in the way? Too much probably. If you are like me, workouts, church, rest, friends and even family often get neglected or put off ’til “tomorrow” because life happens.

It’s easy to convince yourself that each thing that pops up and gets in your way is very important – but is it really that important? Is it important enough to get in the way of your goals? Is it important enough to get in the way of your family or friends? My favorite (or I should say least favorite) thing Steve asks me is “can it wait?” Darn it! I hate answering that question because nine times out of ten, if I’m honest, it can wait – I just don’t want it to wait.

There are things in life that we often define as optional. It’s optional to go visit someone in the hospital. However, when my grandfather passed away, I beat myself up for letting life get in the way of seeing him more often.

Most of us would consider working out an option. However, when you face illness due to an unhealthy lifestyle you quickly realize exercise is no longer optional. Lastly, how many things get in the way of spending quality time with our family and friends. I don’t know about you, but there are so may important people in my life that probably have no clue just how important they truly are because I’ve continued to let “life” get in the way.

Today is the day for change. The day you say “no” to every distraction that comes your way. The day to put your health first and MAKE time to workout and eat healthy. Today’s the day you purposely set aside time with friends and family to cultivate valuable relationships. It’s the day you act like what you do actually has an eternal purpose instead of acting on living in the moment.

Although I fully expect challenges to still arise, today is the day I am prepared for them. If I fail tomorrow, all that matters is I get back on track. Ignoring an unhealthy lifestyle is no longer an option because we can’t stand at Heaven’s gates and say “I’m sorry Lord, life just got in the way,  I was going to do it tomorrow” and get away with it.

Tomorrow is not promised, so don’t put the important things off until tomorrow, as tomorrow very well could be too late.

Lyrics from the Song by the Wynans:
And who said that tomorrow would ever come for you
Still you laugh and play and continue on to say Tomorrow.
Tomorrow, Forget about tomorrow
Won’t you give your life today
Oh please, Don’t just turn and walkaway
Tomorrow, Tomorrow is not promised
Don’t let this moment slip away
Ooh, Your tomorrow could very well begin today

Today’s Mantra:

Tomorrow is Not Promised

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  • Sarah

    Thanks so much for the encouragement! I made that decision about two months ago. I was sick of the yo-yo working out and knew that I would be a better mom and wife if I took a little time for me by taking care of my health and body. I started doing the Bodylastics workouts with Steve and Christina. I love the fact that I can be at home with my family, yet still get a kick butt workout in. Anyway, your blog was really helpful because I’ve only lost about 3 pounds and hit that same plateau that always gets me discouraged. Thanks for doing what you do! God Bless you and Steve!

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