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Simple Quad & Glute Workout

Quad & Glute Workout

We are approaching bikini season so it’s time to take our lower body workout up a notch! Cardio burns fat, but weight training is what plumps up the bottom, smooths out the skin and minimizes the appearance of cellulite – plus it gives us the “right” kind of curves!

Personally, I’ve always wondered why we break up our upper body workouts into smaller body parts, but we expect to do our legs in one day and it be just as effective. So, I decided I needed to change this.

I started breaking up my legs – one day I do quads and glutes and later in the week I do hamstrings and glutes. I LOVE it – and considering I hate doing legs, that’s a really good thing!

Here was my workout yesterday!

Simple Quad & Glute Workout

Reebok SubLite ShoesWarm Up: Air Squats

4 Super Sets:
15 Back Squat (Heavy)
15 Overhead Squat with just the bar or pipe (DEEP!!!)

4 Sets – Walking Lunges (with 20lbs dumbbells) 30 steps

3 Sets – Leg Extension (toes pointed out)

3 Sets – Leg Extensions (toes pointed in)

Finish with step ups, knee repeaters, curtsies or skaters to really kill it!

PS: Just in case you noticed my new shoes! OMG I love them! They are my new Reebok SubLite Train. They are nice and flat (great for lifting) and super light. They have a high heel (for good achilles support) and they lace up a little higher than running shoes (great for mountain climbers and other exercises where a shoe might want to slip off the heel). The SubLites & Nanos are my favorite shoes for the gym!

reebok sublite


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